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    Minimal ingress I would imagine. Once airborne next to none. Humidity would be more of a real world problem? Do you have fuel drains? I'm going to talk with John again shortly, I've asked him about the belly addition, but I was thinking more for a bit of luggage, as there is only enough room in the cabin for a penicil. and pilot. I thought about doing something like the 90 ltr supapup tanks, but yes weight is an issue to be considered. I'm still new to the kit, and kit building scene, though I was an engines-airframe lame years ago, before I moved onto other th
  2. who


    Yes my kit is a 4 as well. It's 20 years old! I'm missing a fair bit of the wings, but I'm working on the parts. The tanks are fabricated from aluminium, and the caps have the breather. I wouldn't face them any way other than forward. Faced rearward they would create a vacuum. A filter may cause more problems than it solves. I would leave them as is. I thought with fiberglass tanks you would be able to see the fuel level through the actual fiberglass?
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    Hi, Mine came with premade tanks and looking at the wing root side, they have bosses welded in for the sight glass. Sketch SM7 shows the sight glass.
  4. who


    I've been in contact with John and he is willing to help me, even though he himself is struggling a bit with life atm. Cheers.
  5. who


    Hi OK, that would be great!
  6. who


    Hi All, I'm new here. I've purchased a SuperPup kit which is incomplete. Does anyone have contact info for John Cotton? I was given his details by the seller, as I believe he has a complete L/H wing, and some ribs? Any contact info would be appreciated. Thanks.
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