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  1. Hello,and thanks for all your help I already checked the radio, remove the usb charger and confirmed the noise comes from the motor when it accelerates the buzz increases and vice versa when decelerating the noise decreases I will have to check all the ground connections
  2. Thank you Jaribu7252 and Bosi72 I will check those points and thanks for the link
  3. Hello everyone Ask if someone can help me with my next problem I have an MGL V6 radio installed in my ELA 07 gyrocopter with Rotax 914 engine and I use Flycom helmets The problem I have is that when they speak to me I hear a buzz in the reception I thought it was the gasoline pumps but when I turn off the engine and leave the electric pumps on, the buzz stops, the noise is coming in when they call me or when I listen to the ATIs I already checked all the ground ok antenna ok Also I put another radio with its harness and the same thing happens The interference is being
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