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  1. Skippy, I realize all this - but I would love to get it back. However I am more concerned about where the model is now and if the current custodians understand the historical importance of it. Apparently DH in the UK had several wind tunnels made and when production started in Australia sent at least two to here for testing purposes in case modifications were needed. "My" model would have to be one of them. Gordon
  2. I am starting a search for a 1/10 scale wind tunnel model of a DH Mosquito which I loaned to the (now defunct) Australian Aviation Museum at Bankstown in Sydney. I have the documentation to prove this was on loan and I could recover it at any time. I now believe that when the museum closed, many items were sent to auction and I have heard that my model probably ended up in New Zealand. I am not necessarily trying to recover the model - but am very keen to know where it ended up. I spent a lot of time and effort restoring this model in 2010 and am keen to know it found a good home.
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