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  1. Thanks again guys. I plan to purchase an ELSA/LSA instead of renting. The plan is to do cross country as much as possible. I am not sure of the tax/registration rules in the EU. Still trying to understand if there are ways to save money on tax or any other advantages to register in one country or another (or if it's even possible)...
  2. Hi Jerry, Thank you very much for the information. 15 Euros to land at a mid size airport and get 24 hours of parking sounds reasonable to me. I do plan to get the LAPL licence. I also found the French cheat sheet with all the info on joining and departing and I am willing to learn in order not to get yelled at...😜
  3. Thank you all for your replies ! One last question about landing fees etc. Any good source online to find that out?
  4. Hello Everyone, I will be moving to Portugal for work and decided to go back into flying. I haven't been flying for over 10 years so will probably need to take the full course. I have been flying ultralights, hand gliders, gliders and paragliding but I want to concentrate on LSA. I am trying to find information regarding the ability of an English speaking pilot to do cross country in the EU. Is it realistic to think that I can fly to France, Germany etc without having fluent local language (I will try to learn as much as I can), especially to small airports?
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