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  1. Thanks I contacted them both and both places were very friendly!
  2. Hi all, my name is PT. I thought I'd just introduce myself. I recently moved to Sydney from Melbourne. I have an RPL, mostly in a C172. Although I haven't flown for about two years but have been itching to get back into finishing my PPL. I'm sort of a person of habit, I was very happy and comfortable with my last school (Moorabbin Flight Training) so being in a new city it has taken me quite a while to motivate myself enough to finding a new place to continue my learning. I've also been looking for a friendly online community to join, and this place feels rather nice. Some of the more popular ones aren't so friendly. So I hope this is the place where I can hang out to read and talk about our stories of learning, growing and love for flying. Cheers, PT.