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  1. Empty is about 420kg. Will be something like that. I haven’t got all the details yet
  2. Yes it might lose 6 kts at 600kg. Not sure how to drop that much weight though, unless it’s simply restricted to that.
  3. Oh it’s not for the Spitfire, I’m looking at another purchase.
  4. Cheaper maintenance, there would be certain things I could do myself. Oil changes etc. An L2 is cheaper than LAME. I could do my own weight and balance etc
  5. That might be my downfall then. Bugger. Stalls at 51 at mauw
  6. Can I change an aircraft that is VH rego to raaus rego. The mauw is 680 kg. Is there way around this? And when the new weights for raaus come in, will that help?
  7. K5054


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