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  1. Well, 3 U.S. - thousands non U.S....I think we're beat. Lol. So, for the 2 in the U.S., since we're all near NY State, any idea where the cheap place to get a plane painted is? I've been looking into a C150G but it will need paint. Any guesses on how much it costs?
  2. WHoo Hoo!!! 9.3 hours logged and I now have .5 hours logged under PILOT IN COMMAND!!!!!! What a rush! I'm so excited!! Can't wait to do it again!
  3. Is there anyone on here from the U.S.? Lol... thanks for the encouragement!
  4. Hi all, I am obviously new to these forums but I wanted to start making some contacts now that I have started (next Wednesday) FLIGHT INSTRUCTION!! I can't wait! I'm 35 and am the Business Manager at a Chevy dealership. I have 5 children ranging from 14 to 2.5 and the last 2 are twins! The one thing I'm looking forward to doing when I have my cert is taking my family on a leisure flight over the Adirondacks, up near Lake Placid, during the fall months! Talk to everyone soon! ---Mischief
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