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  1. In order to drive membership and membership renewal in the PRA I am organizing some on-line seminars (webinars) that will be FREE but available only to PRA members. I would like to know if any has some suggestions for topics or speakers. Currently we have the following in the works: Stan Foster, Building the turbine Helicycle Stan Foster, Building the Genesis gyroplane Stan Foster, Learning to Fly Helicopters Tim O'Connor, Using the radio in the pattern for Light Sport Aircraft. Ron Menzie, Taking and Passing an FAA Checkride Unconfirmed: Tom Milton, How to register
  2. great news! Get in as much solo time as you can!!
  3. POST REMOVED - The forum is for the free sharing of knowledge, experience and advice among members. Not promoting the sale of a book - Mod
  4. If you would like to get a free PRA EZine sign up here: Popular Rotorcraft Association Let me know if you have any questions!
  5. 1. Fairey Rotodyne 2. A Pitcarin PA-35 Roadable Autogyro 3. Any small airship.
  6. Hello Everyone. My name is Tim. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. My hangar is at I69 (same location as Sporty's Pilot Shop). I own a Farrington Twinstarr Autogyro (Gyroplane) and my wife owns a 912 powered Interplane Skyboy fixed wing ELSA. I have about 500+ hours TT in UL gyros and experimental gyros and about 100+ hours in fixed wings. I am rated as a Commercial Rotorcraft pilot with a Sport Pilot FW add-on. My wife Connie holds a Sport Pilot fixed wing rating. I make my living as a computer network engineering instructor although my formal education is in Biology and Philos
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