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  1. horsefeathers

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    F4 Phantom Lockheed Super Constellation SR71 Northrop F5
  2. horsefeathers

    "Phantom" radio reception

    I only started carrying the hand held radio to confirm the phantom reception was caused by an external source to the inbuilt radio, and not a fault with the MicroAir itself. The noise continues with the handheld turned off. And yep, the intermittent noise continues even when I don't carry phone and iPad with me. Hopefully will get down the airport this weekend to try out everyone's suggestions Cheers
  3. horsefeathers

    "Phantom" radio reception

    Thanks all for your suggestions, but especially to [B]@Bluboyz[/B], a new member, who has provided an extensive list of possibilities to try out. If I get a resolution, I'll be sure to post it here.
  4. horsefeathers

    "Phantom" radio reception

    I've seen some unusual replies in my time on this forum, but this one ......?????????
  5. horsefeathers

    "Phantom" radio reception

    Hi Guys. I've got a problem with my radio(s) in my Jabiru. I get random "phantom" receptions on my radios - the receive light turns on, and I get loud audio at the same time - 5 to 30 seconds, sometimes longer I can receive transmissions from other aircraft when this happens, so it doesn't just blank out the radio completely It happens on the inbuilt MicroAir, and a battery operated Vertex handheld radio, at the same time Squelch has no effect on the noise. This has been happening for a few weeks now. Points to consider are: Other planes that I fly with/near me do not receive these "phantom" transmissions Inbuilt radio is a MicroAir 760, model M I have a handheld radio (Vertex VXA-220) in the aircraft with me, battery operated, which receives these "transmissions" at the same time as the MicroAir, so it seems that the aircraft is generating some extraneous random noise I can receive other aircraft transmissions while the phantom transmissions are occurring, so does not appear to be related to the problems that MicroAir report with a faulty electronic component Squelch has no effect Nothing has been altered on the plane in the last few months Jab engine 2200 Battery is about 6 months old, and is charging OK (14.2 Volts) Noise seems to reduce after about 20 minutes flying, but can still occur at times Any ideas on what may be causing this?
  6. horsefeathers

    SSB Lithium Iron batteries

    Ion and Iron are (obviously) NOT the same The most common lithium-ion cells have an anode of carbon © and a cathode of lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2) The chemistry is different to a Lithium IRON battery (LiFePO4) (Fe=Iron, for all you physicists out there ) Don't EVER use a Lithium Ion battery in your aircraft
  7. horsefeathers

    SSB Lithium Iron batteries

    Skippy, I sold the aircraft about 3 years ago, and as far as I know, the battery is still cranking OK
  8. horsefeathers

    SSB Lithium Iron batteries

    Lithium IRON (not ion) Phosphate batteries indeed seem to be immune to the runaway heating / fire of the Lithium ION batteries. I had a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery for a couple of years in my Rotax 582 powered Streak Shadow - basically a drop in replacement for the lead acid battery, and saved approx 5Kg. It ran off the standard rotax regulator, and never gave any trouble. I have read on this forum that some people have concerns about charging using a standard regulator, but I cant comment except to say that I had no issues at all
  9. horsefeathers

    Plane crash near Stawell

    We dont use parachutes in Queensland, cause the extra hour of sunlight fades them
  10. horsefeathers

    Found this on the net!!!

    and here's the original freight in slightly better condition
  11. horsefeathers

    Found this on the net!!!

    looks like a common freight method up there....
  12. horsefeathers

    Part 149

    Not sure, but this might be wot you're after?
  13. There are changes afoot at Gympie,according to the new ERSA entry, apparently mostly driven by the council. Carriage and use of radios is mandatory PPR (Prior Permission Required) will be implemented, by way of a downloadable form from the Gympie Council website. You are supposed to give at least 3 days notice. The ERSA says ALL aircraft will be subject to fees, but the council website lists nothing about aircraft/landing fees. Also, the airport liason officer position seems to have been canned, and the phone number in the ERSA is only manned during the business hours of the council. So, no runway condition reports any more,and bad luck flying into Gympie outside of business hours. What this means for existing hangar owners is not known. Similarly, what will this mean for events such as the monthly Gympie Aeroclub flyin?? And training flights that often divert into Gympie?? Better have that diversion planned a few days prior to taking that flight. Beauracracy gone mad. ERSA changes to the detriment of ordinary fliers, with little thought or planning
  14. horsefeathers

    95 or 98 Ron fuel?

    OCTANE NUMBER: The octane number of a gasoline has little to do with how fast it burns or how much power the engine will make. Octane number is the resistance to detonation..... read the full article here ==>> Flame Speed, Octane Number and Horsepower I have been told that in Australia, 98 RON has a slower flame front than 95 RON, thus putting less "thump" onto the piston, but still producing the same power. I use 98 RON in my Jab 2200, but have no proof of which is better - YMMV
  15. horsefeathers

    Engine Thieves still at it in UK

    aaarrgghh.. that is so ........ But who are the bastards that are buying these engines? (Hey Guv,got an aircraft engine that fell off the back of a truck - going cheap - guaranteed low hours, no paperwork however - interested?) The buyers need to be found as well as the thieves, and kneecapped