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  1. Lion air and latest crash had similar flight profiles, similar aircraft behaviour, similar (identical?) model aircraft, similar outcomes - high speed crash into sea/terrain. Data from FlightAware for ET302 showed terminal speed 383 knots,2600ft/minute decent, after fluctuations in height and speed. Seems like you can point to a similar cause between lion air and the latest crash
  2. horsefeathers

    Project Karatoo and hello from Brisbane

    Naaah. Not if you have fuel in the tanks ☺️
  3. horsefeathers

    Project Karatoo and hello from Brisbane

    Jabiru 2200 ?????
  4. horsefeathers

    Fuel Draining Jab 230c

    I manage fuel in the same way with my Jab 2200 (similar hours) and have had no issues to report. There is a second Jab in my hangar, does the same, and he doesnt have any probs either. Seems like 98 is OK for the 2200. If I'm away for any length of time (more than 4 weeks), I try to use up as much fuel as is prudent, and when I fly next, put a large quantity of new fuel in both tanks, and make sure I give the engine a good warm up period.
  5. Nooo. They're usually full of water..... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  6. Best curry EVER was from the Jeera Tandoori on Hayling Island (near Portsmouth in England) It's that good, that I'm going back in May for some more
  7. horsefeathers

    Another jab down...pilot said the engine just stopped

    Maybe the minister thought he could keep running on 'spirits'
  8. horsefeathers

    Nice new planes for RFDS

    Think it goes a bit faster than my Jabiru
  9. cessna is now the journalistic equivalent of "hoover" - a brand name that came to mean any vacuuming device thus Cessna is anything that flies
  10. horsefeathers

    CPL and Traineeship

    From what I was told by CASA, back in 2013, an RAA registered aircraft does NOT count as a "registered or recognised aeroplane", since it does not appear on Australia's register of registered aircraft. So, you need to be careful on assuming 190 hours in an RAA aircraft. There is also a requirement to spend time in a "complex" aircraft (Minimum speed, retractable gear, constant speed prop). And I think you will find most, if not all GA CPL instructors will require a whole swag of time in actual GA aircraft (172, 182, 210, Comanche, etc) Things have changed (a bit) since 2013, but we were told that the relevant clause here, allowing up to 100 hours in RAA aircraft, is "Pilot in Command Flight Time", which doesn't specify that it needs to be a particular aircraft type.
  11. horsefeathers

    CPL and Traineeship

    you can put up to 100 hours in an RAA registered Jab, even 19- registered, towards your CPL. (Assuming non-integrated course) My daughter is on the CPL job treadmill, and qualified for her CPL about 6 months ago. She had lots of RAA jab hours. https://www.casa.gov.au/standard-page/getting-your-commercial-pilot-licence
  12. horsefeathers

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    F4 Phantom Lockheed Super Constellation SR71 Northrop F5
  13. horsefeathers

    "Phantom" radio reception

    I only started carrying the hand held radio to confirm the phantom reception was caused by an external source to the inbuilt radio, and not a fault with the MicroAir itself. The noise continues with the handheld turned off. And yep, the intermittent noise continues even when I don't carry phone and iPad with me. Hopefully will get down the airport this weekend to try out everyone's suggestions Cheers
  14. horsefeathers

    "Phantom" radio reception

    Thanks all for your suggestions, but especially to [B]@Bluboyz[/B], a new member, who has provided an extensive list of possibilities to try out. If I get a resolution, I'll be sure to post it here.
  15. horsefeathers

    "Phantom" radio reception

    I've seen some unusual replies in my time on this forum, but this one ......?????????