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  1. Thanks so much everyone for all the info and support. I am very excited about further investigating the Savannah. Unfortunately I will be tied up / travelling with work in the next few months but will be very keen to take up some of those offers to see the aircraft later on in the year if they still stand! Thanks again
  2. Thanks for the quick replies everyone! Great to know who the good agents are for further info. I am located in SE QLD so if their are any builders / flyers in this area who would be willing to show off their pride and joy I would be most greatful!
  3. Hi everyone, I have only posted on these forums a couple of times but they are such a great source of info, so I have a few questions about the Savannah:. Having spent my flying time in drifters and a sportstar, I have determined that low n slow is my style of flying. I cannot see myself doing long distance trips but it is reassuring to know that the Savannah is capable of this if required. 1) How achieveable are they to complete for the first time builder? From everything I have read they appear to be a straightforward kit, however I still ask as the last thing I would want is to get
  4. Rumby

    Fisher MK1 info

    Thanks for the info everyone. I recently emailed Wayne, he said that the price for the MK1 with the 582 would be about $34 000. Not sure if this was for the kit or factory built though. Seems a little high for kit, given what else is on the market. Patrick, are you able to advise the price you paid for your kit? Cheers
  5. Rumby

    Fisher MK1 info

    G'day Guys, Just wondering if anyone has much experience with owning / building the Fisher Mk1 with rotax 503 or 582? I have almost completed my pilot certificate (trained in both Ausflight Drifter and Sportstar) and thoroughly enjoyed the open cockpit flying of the drifter. Is Spectrum Aviation still in the business of selling them as a kit? I've had a look at their website but its looks a bit old, wondering if the pricing info is up to date? Any info you could offer regarding these great aircraft would be much appreciated. Cheers Rumby
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