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  1. Well if you want a two seater then the even more complex to built with more build hour is the Taylor Imp that preceded this ‘Simplified’ mini imp
  2. yes and no. TPG as a concept was Molts development. It was used in part of the Imp (two seater) but very minimally in the MIni-Imp (single seater) which is basically a stressed skin aluminimum sheet airframe.
  3. It will come from the RTO who are required to have teach out plans for exactly this situation. Will not help all - if you’ve had training and failed you’re out of luck - but if you’ve unspent VET training loans then the RTO is liable. box hill is a big organisation and the RTO so expect it as one defendant. Then it’s the company that sits behind Soar aviation and lastly the directors of That company if they are trying to get really into digging. but as business development and cashing out goes it would seem an entrepreneurial individual who cashed out half the shares prior to failure of the RTO status that appears to support Soar aviation will likely walk away.
  4. Indeed it should go quickly. aerosport scamp. we had its brother the quail on here a couple of years ago
  5. Well aware of the challenges and costs of RTO registration - which is why I framed it as linked into the existing RTO of TAFE etc. Its much easier to get a flying instructor certIV to deliver the training under the TAFE/RTO which lowers the barrier to entry for the TAFE as they do not need to take on staff to deliver training but instead focus on central oversight of the courses and delivery.
  6. The shame is there are already dual RAAus/GA schools on good airfields dotted around Australia in towns with TAFE colleges. If the diploma training materials are well designed they can be delivered by pretty much anyone - getting your certIV in training is not particularly challenging and it’s relatively easy for an academic oversight of delivery to be remote. it’s a win win IF the instructors at the flying school also do academic delivery - small towns benefit. Small flying schools benefit. Students benefit. but that does not appear to be how Soar have set themselves up.
  7. If you want to see time comparisons that may be a little more free of time here are mine: Early 1990's - AUF training in LSA55 Jabirus in Sydney (the Oaks) AWOTE (average Weekly Ordinary Time Earnings) in Australia would have covered 6.7hours of flight training Current day - RAAus training in an Evektor Sportstar (Armidale NSW) AWOTE (average Weekly Ordinary Time Earnings) in Australia will have covered 6.8hours of flight training So on these the average cover of flight training by average earnings has not moved much over the last 27 years If I look at the advertised prices of Soar Aviation the RAAus coverage today they are $50/hr more than similar training in Armidale - they are in Sydney at a major airport but coverage falls to 5.6 so they are quite a bit more expensive.
  8. Gyros less affected than trikes by turbulence and that airfield generally has a gale straight down one of the runways most of the time anyway 😜
  9. Very sad. And to watch the flight radar track with the last report at 3.375ft and 174kts when it is over ground at around 3,300ft is just horrible ... and to watch when 2 min before it was at 4,000ft
  10. Yes and no. The Soar Aviation/Box Hill aviation training VET course up has two aspects: 1. Overall potential of poor quality and/or poor value training 2. AUSTRALIAN students accessing VET fee help to gain a loan to access the education in 1. No overseas student can access VET fee help so the graphic is in no way related to the comments on how much $$ the Australian Govt has forked out in loans to people within Soar/Box Hill or how much debt has been left with Australian VET fee students where their training is incomplete and/or they have washed out. In terms of 1. I have no knowledge of why ASQA cancelled the accreditation ... but I've previously worked within a VET provider and ASQA do not take it away from a minor technical breach - its taken away only with VERY good reason and LOTS of evidence. The real problem with VET Fee help is the way payment of the loan amounts comes to the provider ... its pretty much all up front for each period of study ... and with an aviation practical course oh my thats a lot of money. Note - the VET provider I worked at made a concious decision at board level NOT to allow VET Fee loans to students, everyone had to either pay their fees (or get their employer to) and we provided payment plans to allow direct payment to us in installments without interest. Not all VET providers are ripping the system off.
  11. And in every BFR in the UK on weightshifts you are required to do a level steep 360 turn and you HAVE to hit your wake and demo recovery from it ... in a Quantum it was benign, usually just rocking buffet, one time in a Quik it shoved me over into a spiral. In UK weightshift training it is good practice taught that you not to do more than 270deg of steep turn because you will hit a very messed up bit of air that really can mess up your wings lift and control responses.
  12. Looks like a tri gear sd1 minisport.
  13. Nope. All Australian SV1/SV2 skins are 0.016" as is the spar web for the main spar. AS are the pressed ribs all in 0.016" There are dozens of doublers in heavier gauge on the main spar web to spar cap junctions as the main spar caps and veritcal webs are all 1"OD tube. The US original sadler ultralight were built with 0.012" skins on really long weak wings ... ribs every so often if they felt like it ... but the Australian SV1/SV2 are a very different kettle of fish structurally.
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