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  1. On rego numbers in RAAus 9,999 in each sequence 10- will never hit the limit as very few go there any more 25- are a closer favtory group so no issue 28- as old 101-28 homeguilt saaa aircraft will never hit their limit 32- trikes will never hit their limit - the hgfa trikes have T not 32 leading so no practical reason duplication can’t occur now we have 18- 19- 23- etc all with 9,999 options. I dont see that that RAAus really needs to recycle numbers any time soon because there are large gaps in sequences when over the years they have done odd sequence blocking’s. moving to VH-1234 would actually substantially reduce the total available and don’t forget we have to label them 6” high with proper gaps so racking on extra digits is problematic.
  2. kasper

    RAAus to disclose member details

    So it appears the DRAFT magazine was also sent to the printers and distributed ... great to see the quality systems at RAAus extend to the main external communication tool.
  3. kasper

    RAAus to disclose member details

    Perfectly happy to be grumpy when there is a piece of legislation that provides for the provision of personal data to groups as exists with registration details of motor vehicles. Equally I’m Perfectly happy to call out breaches of legislation protecting personal information when there is no legislative or permissive need for that information to be transferred.
  4. kasper

    RAAus to disclose member details

    Well the magazine with the column has been pulled from the RAAus member website and the magazine on Issuu has a totally different column. Wonder what went out in the printed magazine for November ...
  5. kasper

    RAAus to disclose member details

    Turbo, I would accept that drafts get written all the time within companies for proposals and were that the case I would understand ... however the best we can see from this is that it is a draft final communication for post agreement communication and it is evident on the face of his words as they appear in the magazine they know how unpopular this will be - not a draft of a possible but a draft of post execution with complete clear expectation of unhappiness. And yes, I was one very vocal opponent to the structure change in RAAus for pretty much every reason that has appeared to be an issue over the past years since the change.
  6. kasper

    RAAus to disclose member details

    Well I did get a written response from Mr Monk to my two direct questions of date of agreement with AAA and when was data first shared. It was not marked private or confidential so here it is: "At this stage RAAus has not made a formal comment or officially published anything to members on this matter. We continue to work with the AAA on this matter. The article you read was a draft and was not intended for publication. It has since been removed. At this stage no information has been shared. Thanks Michael" draw your own conclusions/speculate as to how the member response has gone down with the board.
  7. kasper

    RAAus to disclose member details

    Back to the core issue of RAAus disclosing private information collected legitimately for one purpose to a third party for a different and unrelated purpose without consent of the individuals ... Comminwealth Privacy Act - not legit for the purpose Mr Monke put in the magazine. So if RAAus are covered by the act the directors might like to gird their loins for answering the questions that will come from Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. They may may not have $3m of turnover to bring them within last year but once it does they are within ... and arguably the payments from CASA being them within the Act even when turnover is under $3 m. And yes Mr Monke. I am one member - or client as I’m referred to in your policies - who is more than a little angry. And given im just out of hospital after a car crash I’m stuck twiddling my thumbs looking for things to do for a couple of months and pi$$ed off with RAAus big time now.
  8. kasper

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Monospar with the little pobjoy radials by General Aircraft.
  9. kasper

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Looks like something Giulo would build from his Uk factory. Update - it’s a Maverick lsa from the USA. Can’t see it being too successful
  10. kasper

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Looks like a G801 Grindwalds Orion but the rear of the door is a bit wrong
  11. Indeed. The audit was paper audit of Raaus records against requirements of the CAO and our own docs. They were numerous, widespread and horrid admin errors but not linked to actual failure or risk. unfortubnately it was the perfect total wave of failure in admin that allowed the current process of expand and unify everything to be played at the same time a play of just fix our shit up would have equally complied with the audit. But it we are where we are and unless something happens soon I can see me giving up trikes and just going GA experimental on three axis to leave to costs of raaus behind
  12. kasper

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    And the ligeti stratos - the facet opal and of course the facet sapphire. All easy on the eye to most people. The real test of Australian beauty from that time is the light wing ... great aircraft to fly and very honest ... but not universally accepted as beautiful
  13. kasper

    Drifter Conversion to Rotax 912

    Thruter88 - Its a similar issue to that faced by trikes - why in terms of performance - do you NEED the power of a 912 vs a lower power/lower weight two stroke? For me the EclipsR with the 80hp 912 only really comes into its own when I fly solo and put the ferry tank on the back seat and the camping equipment under the skirt - I get full camping gear and 9 hours + reserve fuel on board and remain within the 415kg MTOW ... weight saving on a two stroke would not give me the same 9 hours fuel - I'd only have 6 hours + reserve. The reason factories stopped using two strokes is the market place for new trikes - sorry but 65+ yo students learning in 912 powered aircraft - fuel cost is a big issue for schools - will never look at a two stroke so they are on the way out... same reason newer trike never live with their wing in the bag and sit in hangars under full tension in the wing - that's shortening the life of the wing frame and probably keeping the skin a bit less scuffed but I'd hazard a guess than many older trike pilots who took up the aircraft later in life actually cant rig and de-rig their aircraft. Now when it comes to re-engining an older airframe the real question - provided its not a certified design - is whats available and how adventurous do I want to get as a the designer/owner. This thread might be talking about type approved airframes and the initial question is of someone looking for a not-too-adventurous approach to conversion.