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  1. kasper

    Savannah stall.

    Yep, We had a 'lovely' runway video of a visiting Sav 'stalling' from around 2 feet ... it ended with the nosewheel including yoke bouncing off down the runway while the Sav sat in a cloud of dust looking very sorry for itself. Fortunately SO slow as it hit that it did not have the momentum to dig and flip but remained upright. Lots of "fun" (and $$) replacing everything airframe foward of the seat backs and doing the engine prop strike inspections to get it back in the air.
  2. But the third level was the pilots and crew. He already said they don’t count. Or the breguet Sahara would have complied with three levels.
  3. Well I’m intrigued. I don’t think it’s any of the old flying boats - the biggest of them was the SR princess and it only had 2 rows. The Beverley has three levels but was a transport. I recall a pic of a French multi decker from reviewing 1950’s magazines back in the 1990’s for a job I had but I’m stuck 🤫
  4. Don’t think the breguet Sahara has three rows of windows ... does it count that the windscreens were in the middle between the deck lines?
  5. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-49909735 And bbc news are reporting deaths.
  6. V4 stepped piston engine for UAVs developed in the Uk 🇬🇧 by Bernard Hooper engineering. 580cc looks lovely but they do not appear to be looking at aircraft engines
  7. If you want a flat twin two strike with two power pulses you’d need to either run two sumps or have a blower to pressurise the single sump. Or get really adventurous and us and go for a flat 4 two stroke with stepped pistons and a wet sump. 4 power pulses each revolution and simple plain bearings without the oil in fuel environmental issues of most two strokes.
  8. The McCullough front two pistons go in and out together and fire together ... that’s the only way to get the pressure sump and transfer fuel/oil/air into the pistons. Like the r582 it’s disc controlled from the single carb over the centre of the engine. If you wanted a flat twin McCullough you’re effectively getting a single power pulse each revolution. if you take both pots off one side and leave it as an inline twin you get the same power but two power pulses each revolution - a much smoother engine.
  9. Which half would you like? The McCullough flat four pressure sumped with opposing piston sets - it is a two pulse engine. A half McCullough would be an in-line twin not a flat twin ...
  10. Interesting to see the Romanians do what Rotax started with - a boxer twin 4 stroke. Most people forget or never knew the origin of the 912 was a boxer twin that looked pretty much exaclty like this ... but the rocking couple of the flat twin was not acceptable to Rotax and they used the twin to create the first 912 flat four. Wish them well ... but at only 50hp I think thay have really limited sales ... a big bore kit to get it up to 65hp+ AND give it a bed mount option to direct bolt replace a R582 then you will have a larger market.
  11. Well there is a CH602 model from Chris Heinz ... z-602 with exactly the same specs from a company that started out making a bf109/me109 replica would lead you to the copy/licence development. On the next next one I’ll go for DR109
  12. wolf boredom fighter or Flitzer biplane
  13. Looks like a single seat dominator to me
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