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  1. kasper

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Monospar with the little pobjoy radials by General Aircraft.
  2. kasper

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Looks like something Giulo would build from his Uk factory. Update - it’s a Maverick lsa from the USA. Can’t see it being too successful
  3. kasper

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Looks like a G801 Grindwalds Orion but the rear of the door is a bit wrong
  4. Indeed. The audit was paper audit of Raaus records against requirements of the CAO and our own docs. They were numerous, widespread and horrid admin errors but not linked to actual failure or risk. unfortubnately it was the perfect total wave of failure in admin that allowed the current process of expand and unify everything to be played at the same time a play of just fix our shit up would have equally complied with the audit. But it we are where we are and unless something happens soon I can see me giving up trikes and just going GA experimental on three axis to leave to costs of raaus behind
  5. kasper

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    And the ligeti stratos - the facet opal and of course the facet sapphire. All easy on the eye to most people. The real test of Australian beauty from that time is the light wing ... great aircraft to fly and very honest ... but not universally accepted as beautiful
  6. kasper

    Drifter Conversion to Rotax 912

    Thruter88 - Its a similar issue to that faced by trikes - why in terms of performance - do you NEED the power of a 912 vs a lower power/lower weight two stroke? For me the EclipsR with the 80hp 912 only really comes into its own when I fly solo and put the ferry tank on the back seat and the camping equipment under the skirt - I get full camping gear and 9 hours + reserve fuel on board and remain within the 415kg MTOW ... weight saving on a two stroke would not give me the same 9 hours fuel - I'd only have 6 hours + reserve. The reason factories stopped using two strokes is the market place for new trikes - sorry but 65+ yo students learning in 912 powered aircraft - fuel cost is a big issue for schools - will never look at a two stroke so they are on the way out... same reason newer trike never live with their wing in the bag and sit in hangars under full tension in the wing - that's shortening the life of the wing frame and probably keeping the skin a bit less scuffed but I'd hazard a guess than many older trike pilots who took up the aircraft later in life actually cant rig and de-rig their aircraft. Now when it comes to re-engining an older airframe the real question - provided its not a certified design - is whats available and how adventurous do I want to get as a the designer/owner. This thread might be talking about type approved airframes and the initial question is of someone looking for a not-too-adventurous approach to conversion.
  7. kasper

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    Depends on your view - the DH88 comet racer is a beauty too look at but hard to handle - the DH106 comet airliner had real issues - thats the one you are thinking of - but to my eye is a very pretty jetliner
  8. kasper

    Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

    Well to bring it back to ultralights I'll nominate the Chilton DW1 - 320kgMTOW, 35-60HP and cruise 100-115MPH. And if you ask very nicely drawings are available once you obtain a build number from the design holder
  9. kasper

    Lower your MTOW

    Well done. I’m 25kg down from peak - two seater flown solo - and another 10 to go before the doctor has to find a different area to ask about.
  10. Unfortunately if you are flying an RAAus registeed aircraft on an RAAus pilots certificate you are not within 61.505 as it is not a private pilots licence. I love wandering through the regs and the CAOs and even the Ops and Tech Manuals but 'm at work so I'll wander through them later and post again. One thing that RAAus staff AND RAAus pilots need to appreciate is that the Ops Manual and Tech Manual are not only subservient to the CAOs and Regs BUT as they obtain their authority through the CAO and Regs they cannot bind the member as a breach of the CAO and Regs if they cover areas that are not within the CAOs ... there are large swaths of the Tech Manual that are at best an admin requirement for RAAus members with the ONLY potential penalty being an RAAus action against the member for breach of the Tech Manual and no possibility of CASA or anyone else coming at you as you may well have completely complied with the Regs and CAOs ... and it would be anyones guess what an insurer would try and make of a situation where there is non-compliance with non-CAO enabled parts of the RAAus Tech and Ops manuals ...
  11. kasper

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    My vote - “generic plastic four seat with training wheel up front” Full model designation probably includes “with blue stripe”
  12. Ftrol is accepted by RAAus to grant the radio on your pilots cert. that’s how I got mine back in the dark ages. If you have not got the actual ftrol certificate give casa a call with number and they can track it down IF you did the whole course passed and had a ftrol issued. If not issued then you’ll be up for doing a radio cert with your RAAus school
  13. kasper

    LSA to get a weight/speed increase

    We’ve had the alternate to wing loading in 95.10 for 20 years ... it’s called single seat 95.55 and it’s got a stall speed limit rather than the proxy of wing area. If you or anyone wants to built a Hummel that cannot meet the 95.10 limits of wing area you are and have been free to do so for 20 years and register it with 19- on the side 30kg/m^2 as a proxy for demonstrated stall speed or claimed stall speed is a simple measurable test and it is possible to build a very strong airframe within this limits BUT you will not have the weight capacity to add bells and whistles like brakes and big electrical systems and instruments.
  14. kasper

    Some good news from RAAus

    It’s a company. The accounts are as per disclosure requirements and the board and management are not directly responsible to the shareholders — stop thinking I yourself as a member and you’ll start getting the position you individually hold. 1 of 9,346 votes at a general meeting ... a general meeting where 30 proxies held by management would see anything they want passed and the cynic in me saying they will use the company funds to use legal actions and directions to avoid unpleasant questions or ones they can’t stop if it came to a vote. The financials are again hard reading. Shareholder numbers are now back to where they were when the 2Ms took up control in 2014 and all I can see for it is a 17% increase in membership fees. A removal of a magazine. An organisation that is sized for a lot more people than we have is now JUST wiping its nose and the total cost of this has been several million dollars of direct cost to our association and the - on my opinion - total capitulation to CASA in an attempt to grow the business into GA to capture the members needed to support the empire and systems built using ultralight pilots funds. I’ll leave out the cost to members of having to navigate ever increasing admin and complexity.