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  1. Ethanol is the bad ass. This is what you test for with water. Metho is the one adulterated with methanol. Drink that and it will blind you.
  2. coljones

    RA Aus and landing fees

    Then, there are those of us who feel that providing free and low cost facilities including free airtime to cashed up football and cricket clubs is an outrage. Footy wanted a bigger stadium in Parramatta so the adjacent swimming pool was kicked to the kerb. Why should boat owners get a free kick particularly when they not only clog the foreshore but the owners also clog up the streets with barely used trailers. Just pay the bloody fees!
  3. coljones

    Help needed - Lets hold RAAus to account

    Members of a not-for-profit were never entitled to the unencumbered funds on windup. Usually, on wind up, the funds would have to be vested in a similar not profit organisation. Most not for profits go bankrupt as their swansong. Time to move on,there is no car wreck here.
  4. coljones

    RA Aus and landing fees

    Stop moaning!! Just pay the fee, it is usually much less than the price of a movie ticket or two beers at Birdsville. Airports are expensive assetts and need to be maintained out of rates or user contributions. If you go to, say, Thargominda you will see a modern fuel faculty that must have cost a bomb. Usage on Thursday? Maybe 4 planes and a chopper! Who pays for this? The ratepayers! Cyclists? They pay rates as well but get bugger all in return all the while allowing cars and trucks to have more road and parking spaces while these same cars and trucks rip up the roads while paying the same rates as cyclists. Rant over.
  5. Sometimes a spare tank in the back and an electric pump is the only option. Between YHIN and YNTN there is no fuel on Sundays unless you divert to YCOE. Having fuel on board with a means of delivery makes sense.
  6. You don't have to suck a pipe to get the flow going along with the attendant chance of a mouth full of fuel or lungs full of vapours. There are other ways of starting a siphon a trip to Bunnings will reveal a range of products. For the purposes of this particular conversation a siphon is a good way to empty a fuel tank rather than filling it.
  7. Can it pump from the ground to wing tanks, say 6 feet? Or is a power assisted siphon?
  8. Check with Ken Watt at Bond Springs, just north of Alice Springs. Alice Springs Airport is in controlled airspace and you will need both a CASA Licence and an ASIC. Ken's contact is on this link NT - RAAus
  9. coljones

    RAA Increasing Weight

    I suspect that they have confused the similarity and differences between L2 and L4. A current L4 is an L2 with additional Amateur built inspection authorities. I think the RAA letter needs a fact check against the Tech Manual.
  10. coljones

    RAA Increasing Weight

    Fred, it was going down the tubes before incorporation. We had lots of money and property but not much organisational and professional acumen. CASA and a large chunk of the membership were not impressed.
  11. coljones

    RAA Increasing Weight

    And you put up the picture that shows this grief?
  12. coljones

    RAA Increasing Weight

    We could go back to 300kg and stay inside the fence.
  13. coljones

    zGA Class 2 Medical

    Thanks for this. Interesting. I had no trouble getting a RAMPC while on tablets but lost it when I started on insulin. Getting my HbA1c to between 6.5 and 8.0 for the Class 2 was a bit of a struggle as it is a lagging indicator and the apple pie takes a month or two to show up. So does knocking off food, weight and doing more exercise. I wish the aviation and diving endocrinologists would get their rules aligned.
  14. coljones

    Airports close to Hobart for Rec Aus aircraft

    From OzRunways YSFY SANDFLY Stan Tilley 9 Acushla Court Sandy Bay TAS 705 P: 03 6225 2302: 04 2812 5819. E: stantil@sandybay.net.au Location Coordinates 42° 58.95'S 147° 12.64'E / -42.982563, 147.210606 State TAS Timezone 10 Magvar
  15. coljones

    zGA Class 2 Medical

    The non-insulin diabetes standard for RAMPC is a no to "Does the patient have end-organ complications that may affect driving, as per the Austroads publication, or has the patient had a recent ‘severe hypoglycaemic event’?". AVMED don't get involved except to, maybe, check out the paperwork for defects. Insulin controlled diabetes is a no-no for RAMPC. (Drank the juice, got the T-shirt). Provided your insulin controlled diabetes is well managed you can get a class 2 Medical but probably not a Basic Class 2 as that is based on Ausroads commercial standards.