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  1. Are you going to recommend that the CFIs get kicked off the board as well?
  2. coljones


  3. Have a link to the CASA site for a free download copy https://www.casa.gov.au/airspace/standard-page/operations-non-controlled-aerodromes
  4. you could have ordered the new VFG and had the radio handbook thrown in for free.
  5. Is that May, 1918 or 18th May, 2019?
  6. If it couldn't be done you asked Jim to do it. He was a gentleman and an aviator to the core. Born and bred in the central West of NSW. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Hazelton
  7. You forgot Lawrence Hargaves and Jim Hazelton
  8. Bob Hawke never pretended to be a paragon of virtue although his behaviour during the Pilot Strike left quite a few union members asking when Hawke, NewsCorp and Abels were going to come after them for standing in the way of the mates.
  9. If you believe the naysayers you would form the impression that these are mass graves of Jabirus that engaged in ritual mass suicide after discovering that they weren't Rotaxes. Oh, the shame of not being born with 4 little coloured hats. ??
  10. Just interpolating. Do you have doubts about 6900 engines being produced, some of which were sent, and are still operational OS?
  11. Almost 3500 would suggest that of the 6900 Jab engines quoted at least 3400 Jabiru engines are either overseas in places like USA, South Africa and Denmark or not in use.
  12. That might suggest that some Jab engines are OS in places like USA, South Africa and Denmark.
  13. There wasn't all that many that failed and probably insufficient to draw statistical conclusions. There was, however, one LAME who had a number of failures which might indicate finger trouble - if you keep doing the same thing don't expect a different result. There appears to be little evidence of continuing problems.
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