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  1. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCD484342C43FBFF5 Vintage Early Aussie Sailplanes _20211016_192406745.mp4
  2. The Q7 programming should be the same. My mate has the X7 and hasn’t had any trouble. Mine is the X9s. I think I actually prefer the more compact shape or the X7.
  3. This is the special functions page on mine. Hope this helps. Perhaps you don’t have the volume turned on. It’s been a while since I first did the programming but it wasn’t hard. I have the vario volume on the right slider and can turn it on and off with the SD switch. There are some really good guides on how to set it up on YouTube which is how I did mine.
  4. No one is hiring aircraft. They are just training. It is in many respects easier to travel to a training centre from many rural areas. As for no-annuals. Do em whole on holiday?
  5. Take this And this... And this... Add a little Carbon Fibre...some bobs and ends...a little bit of yakka...and an ASP .32 cu Motor with 9x4 prop... And you get this... And it flies!!! Not very well. But she is tough as nails and with a little tweaking it will be worth it. I would post a video but it has one f bomb in it.
  6. Yeah. It was a great trip. I was real fortunate to score that seat and spend time with Ross in his Lightwing.
  7. This is a really good and thorough report and I believe accurate. When I flew to Natfly with Ross in his GR Lightwing he stated during discussion of engine failure procedures that the GR would turn on a dime in the event of engine failure and turning back would be high on the option list. In fact he pretty much described the manoeuvre the same way the witnesses did. I recall thinking not at this weight I hope as we were fairly loaded up with gear. It struck me suddenly upon reading this...every pilot who has died in a light aircraft crash that I have known was flying someone else’s aer
  8. Just shut them down over be next 12 months and share it out amongst the other organisations that already exist. Maybe then someone could re kickstart the AUF to represent the interests of Ultralight aircraft and their pilots.
  9. I don't think training pilots is about access to City's via the highway. Mackay has the best access via the airways in the region.
  10. BUT...they will have Mackay to themselves pretty much....to do with what they will.
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