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  1. PLUS have stated it is “their” position. Remember the ridiculous printed statement from Linke that they will contribute to the work for LAMES. No self interest from Banfield of course.
  2. Conspiracy theories abound about the death of JFK. The best evidence based analysis, with the now released Warren Commission papers, as detailed in the book The Smoking Gun by Colin McLarin, details the most likely set of events IMO. This details the fatal shot coming from Hickey and suggests a reason why so many different conspiracy theories were not discredited immediately as they served a purpose and to why there was a lack of a expert criminal investigation as the facts were already known but not desirable to be released. This book details at least a believable set of circumstances as
  3. Clear statement of intent. I didn’t know RAA had any function in ensuring work for LAMEs. Questionable priorities!
  4. Although not surprised with the 2 responsible, I couldn’t believe it when they stated that in the Mag. Add to that the ongoing costs of CASA medicals - remember Monk voted AGAINST medical reform for the PPL on one of the BS committees he sits on (don’t kid yourself that a CASA medical does not come with any weight increase - not even being actively sort) - these two and a couple of their lap dogs are not good for the future of Recreational Aviation without whom would be a much greater organisation - but getting people to vote to show their real concerns is an issue, hopefully at least some m
  5. My solution is I no longer use Cairns airport. I accept it is a defeatist attitude, but they win. The privatisation of airports has resulted in a widely predicted outcome where the new “owners” are anti smaller or private aircraft unfortunately. Thankfully Townsville is owned by the military.
  6. Just select Quick Plan and enter your waypoints - then no reference to your current location.
  7. Absolutely and add to that a lot of stupid decisions are being made/influenced by people with a vested interest (I.e. making money) out of the over regulation of activities requiring only the application of sense.
  8. Those four words really have a much greater meaning then you intended I would suggest.
  9. I have completed 1. Face to face RAA L1 course ($100.00) run by RAA & sponsored by CASA. - now not recognised by RAA & claimed by ex Tech Manager that there is no records? 2. Two online examinations. 3. Manufacturers engine course - also not recognised by RAA according to the ex Tech Manager. 4. Been maintaining my aircraft for the last 11 years (since joining RAA). I tried reasoning with the now ex Tech Manager & President at the time of the introduction of the current Tech Manual - no interest in input, we know best attitude. I am over the rubbish, not pl
  10. There appears to be some lack of understanding that R/W numbers are not some number thought up by some airport CEO or equally unqualified individual, but actually a magnetic heading to the closest 10°. OR maybe I am reading it wrong?
  11. Depends on how one structures their business. E.g. in the club I was a member of for many years we charged VDO for training and tacho for private hire on the singles. CHTR profit was also used to subsidise training as it was a club. As djpacro stated you have to cover the costs of running the business (both staff & aircraft etc) or you won’t last long in the business.
  12. Most fuel flow gauges I have used were pressure gauges calibrated in fuel flow. Don’t know about the latest electronic stuff but I “suspect” they would be similar. It is of interest to know what a gauge is actually reading e.g. a fuel blockage can indicate a high fuel flow when using pressure as its source. The location of the gauge in the delivery system is important.
  13. Transponder required for class C but not for class D.
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