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  1. I suppose that had I acted at the start of this escalating lockdown I should have inhibited my engine. Too late now though.
  2. Don’t think it works for owner maintainer, hence the query.
  3. Don’t have a reference for private aircraft maintenance do you? In particular RAA types.
  4. I don’t believe these aircraft were based at a rural airfield but I will accept being incorrect. Don’t think so though.
  5. It didn’t sound like the roulettes and the number 3 didn’t seem to be aRoulettes standard.
  6. A formation of 3 aircraft turned over Emerald Vic today just before 1400. It is good that this is critical work continuing during lockdown.
  7. We had our own successful businessman, PM Turnbull. I think he had a good chance of success but the BS side of politics killed that stone dead. PS I don’t like him.
  8. Cheers, delete my comment if you are able I should have PM,d you.
  9. Please check your data. The stall speed is the same as cruise speed.
  10. Individual rights but no responsibility? Yes that’s the go. Goodbye.
  11. Sporting codes have been granted many exemptions in order to keep them operating. Horse racing operates under certain agreements to allow them to move horses and personnel. If employees threaten to bring down the industry by breaking the rules then they are busted. No bullshit double jeopardy reasons accepted. With rights come responsibilities.
  12. And I am sure any terrorists will report themselves. As stupid as the instruction.
  13. This is a matter of who is the control authority. For searches and order, the police, for fires the state/local fire authority. Other services cooperate under the control authority. This can vary according to need across states and regions.
  14. Where has the ignore button gone?
  15. I believe the unpaid fine collection is contracted out like bad debts.
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