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  1. My 2000 model trike was originally registered with the HGFA with T2 prefix. The 2 relating to Seat capacity.
  2. Report deleted
  3. IPads without cellular data function don’t have GPS built in.
  4. My first full river lasted just on 10 years spinning the Jabiru engine
  5. I saw a trio of Airbus helicopters maybeAirbus 120 flying North over Emerald (Vic) today possibly from Microflite? Are they participating in the centenary or just doing another group thing ?
  6. I haven’t received this survey yet. Is it a limited invitation? I received and completed the flying hours survey last week.
  7. Can anyone guide me to a list of the different staff at RAAUS with their area/s of responsibility. Today I spoke to a person (very helpful), from RAAUS but did not note their name. I cannot find a list to clear this up.
  8. All paperwork has been available at Moorabbin with servicing up to date. An MR is provided for VH.
  9. Well that’s a change for the good.
  10. A shame that I missed this. Now where is that ignore post button.
  11. From my dim memory of Shakespeare it is et tu Brute.I thought you would like to use the correct quote.
  12. I asked what type of aircraft I.e. make and model. Thanks
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