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  1. I seem to be too simplistic in my interpretation of voting. Seemingly 606 members participated and presented a ballot sheet on which they then voted one or two times for a total of 1159 votes. Is this the correct way to view this?
  2. As I indicated to the CEO, when I vote for the senate I am allowed one vote on the day. Within this one vote I indicate my order of the vote for up to maybe 70 candidates.
  3. I have just read the results of the 2020 RAAus board election and have no axe to grind with the results. However I am ashamed that nearly half of the votes were declared invalid. How can such a large proportion of the members fail to successfully nominate two candidates yet manage to maintain and fly an aircraft?
  4. Ian, do what fits the system and your vision. I am comfortable with the result
  5. Facthunter, for the less experienced, what is under or over propping? Thanks.
  6. Mogas will not give a grey indication due to the lack of lead additives.
  7. I normally check recalling on an iPad and have no problems with reading the page. Don’t over work it Ian.
  8. Hi Ian, thanks for your work. Is the for sale, adverts available somewhere? Thanks
  9. Welcome Laurie. Very envious of you sitting locked down living in Melbourne . One day I will join you in the air. Clear skies.
  10. Thanks waraton. I am happy with the engine, which may outlast my service life but a backup is good to know of.
  11. Good find Marty, I have been trying to accumulate this information for some time.
  12. You have done well to continue with your reporting despite various setbacks. Keep it up Danny.
  13. Try a look at the Jabiru/Camit forum. You may find relatively local owners. main groups.io Group
  14. Is it possible, physically and/or in terms of regulations, to hang a non-Jabiru engine off the front of a Jabiru? There is experimental LSA ie ELSA within RAA a from memory
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