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  1. Sad to hear of the loss of a fellow aviator. I have a bunch of hours in trikes and wonder if the pilot was experienced or if this was not a pilot error.
  2. Thanks waraton. I am happy with the engine, which may outlast my service life but a backup is good to know of.
  3. On page 5 Of the magazine within subscription information it states that all members are subscribed.
  4. Sport Pilot magazine has arrived with voting material inside. Located eastern side of Melbourne.
  5. We don’t normally get mail on Saturday. Maybe you do. Cheers and stay relaxed.
  6. I visited East Kirkby two years ago and watched the Lancaster do her run ups then a taxi run. The seats on the taxi run were by invitation only requiring a substantial donation it seemed. Beautiful noises from the Merlins.
  7. Good find Marty, I have been trying to accumulate this information for some time.
  8. You have done well to continue with your reporting despite various setbacks. Keep it up Danny.
  9. Try a look at the Jabiru/Camit forum. You may find relatively local owners. main groups.io Group
  10. Is it possible, physically and/or in terms of regulations, to hang a non-Jabiru engine off the front of a Jabiru? There is experimental LSA ie ELSA within RAA a from memory
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