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  1. How close is a major hospital? This has been one criteria. Also the availability of personnel to staff a quarantine centre. I am not familiar with the location so just asking.
  2. Phil Irving was able to achieve great success with the grey head Holden motors. He was a truly important innovator.
  3. The majority of judges in the USA are Republicans. Go figure.
  4. I was in Orlando three years ago and spoke to a number of substantial aircraft operations and the word was to move North during the summer/ cyclone season. Drifting a little, I was driving I40 about halfway East to West, in I think April and was surprised to hear on the TV that the cyclone season was late in arriving that year.
  5. Following my last, unfortunately Duxford will not be the venue for the flying legends airshow. Sywell is to be the new venue .
  6. When the COVID is controlled, a max out is to visit the Royal international air tattoo (RIAT) then across to Duxford. IMO the best modern aircraft display in the world then the best warbird display in the world. We did this on the same weekend 2 years ago. Might just have to do it again before handing in my wings.
  7. I believe that the safest route is from Wilson’s Prom, Flinders Island to Tassie. Maybe not able to land everywhere but ditching close to shore sounds better than ditching at sea. Not much of a diversion for you.
  8. And so they should not try to name the brand of aircraft/truck/bus/mazda if they DONT know the facts.
  9. The Kitfox 4-1050 and Kitfox4 1200 were specific Max weights when produced by Denney.
  10. Later Kitfox 4s received a weight increase to540kg (1050 to 1200 lbs).
  11. Maybe check the device battery. Limited life in them.
  12. Sorry jackc my experience doesn’t accord with your view. There are different attitudes around.
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