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  1. Aircraftspruce has an Australian agency who I have used effectively. The prices end up being about the same as the parent group in the US because of freight costs. They are pretty prompt too.
  2. Absolute faith in the spinny thing continuing. Great skills displayed though.
  3. tillmanr

    Canadair CL-415

    An aircraft of this type was firebombing in the Dandenongs about 20 years ago and I watched it from my home as it approached from the northwest to lift water from Cardinia reservoir. Clearly audible was the sound of the engines pitch up as the water scooped up. It had a very short load and drop sequence. Great to see and hear but I am sure not great fun flying.
  4. My Kitfox IV runs the same. Normal for Kitfox.
  5. I could exceed VNE easily in my KF4 with my Camit 2200 in level flight. Greater HP can only bring greater acceleration. I am happy where I am.
  6. tillmanr

    de Havilland Mosquito

    Avspecs were ground running a newly completed Mosquito but due to-the large group of enthusiasts they deferred test flying as the US sponsor was promised to see the first flight. Rightly so but a number of people flew from Aus on the promise of seeing it fly. Beautiful sounds which I later heard again in the air.
  7. tillmanr

    de Havilland Mosquito

    In about 2015 I viewed a new wing being constructed at Avspecs for a Mosquito and was greatly impressed by the quality of craftsmanship displayed by the woodcraftsman. They are a quality outfit, any wonder their work is sought after.
  8. M61 you were in a better mannered era of the force than I was. Our patter ended with virgins gone west.
  9. Doesn’t the bolt/screw normally fit from the other side?
  10. Sure thing, no commercial necessity here.
  11. Just get into the air. Premier Dan has confirmed the opening of the Melbourne ring so we can go to our aircraft tomorrow. Woohoo. Here’s to clear skies.
  12. Works on my iPad but have to allow Facebook location.
  13. I seem to be too simplistic in my interpretation of voting. Seemingly 606 members participated and presented a ballot sheet on which they then voted one or two times for a total of 1159 votes. Is this the correct way to view this?
  14. As I indicated to the CEO, when I vote for the senate I am allowed one vote on the day. Within this one vote I indicate my order of the vote for up to maybe 70 candidates.
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