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  1. There is a form of fuel injection available for your motor.
  2. You might consider using your factory cowl as a mould and lay up a thin glass copy to chop around to develop one that serves your purpose. Don’t forget to use a release on the original.
  3. All too many confuse two major conflicts here. These are firstly, advice on defence materiel is given by defence panels and secondly, the government who then makes the decisions on what contracts are awarded. Australian governments from both parties have ignored defence choices for many years on too many occasions because they are chasing the short term voting popularity. At times contradicting defence advice. Our military personnel are then forced to operate the provided hardware and only speak in glowing terms about it.
  4. The Flood family had a number of champion motorcross riders from memory during the 70’s, helped I am sure by having the best bikes available.
  5. Search for rotax-owner.com for lots of useful information.
  6. Ok, lift up flap enclosers. Maybe I was exaggerating on the sophistication of the devices. I had a number of hours in a Thruster 20 years ago.
  7. Can someone explain the relevance of the employer.
  8. I have written previously about the huge effect of a small piece of angle section attached to the bottom of the doors of a thruster. It basically destroyed the air flow over the elevators. Be very careful of attaching anything to the side of the thruster.
  9. And what’s the carbon footprint of charging the battery chainsaw?
  10. The aircraft could be a VH experimental assembled from a kit and modified legally . I have heard that the battery was on the floor of the passenger side. Not sure if this is correct or myth.
  11. The shortcomings with the lower middle is the effect it has on ramping over lumps bumps and edges off road If you don’t need to do this then a 4wd utility is better. I doubt the safety of 1/2 to 1 tonne of water being towed by the displayed ATV. I have a “tall” ATV and hesitate to tow anything approaching 1/2 tonne.
  12. Are you speaking of the Commer knocker?
  13. Back in history we used heat indicator crayons to indicate annealing temperature on brass. These are still around, search “Tempil stick” who have a huge range.
  14. I suppose that had I acted at the start of this escalating lockdown I should have inhibited my engine. Too late now though.
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