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  1. Well that’s a change for the good.
  2. A shame that I missed this. Now where is that ignore post button.
  3. From my dim memory of Shakespeare it is et tu Brute.I thought you would like to use the correct quote.
  4. I asked what type of aircraft I.e. make and model. Thanks
  5. What type of aircraft are we discussing?
  6. In my mind the advertisement could be correct with reference to the suitably equipped aircraft. Maybe it should also have made mention of the pilot being suitably qualified.
  7. When you swung the compass on the line the compass would have come towards your hand due to centripetal force but however it didn’t due to centrifugal force. Centripetal means toward the centre does it not?
  8. Wouldn’t it experience both centripetal as well as centrifugal forces?
  9. The buildings in the background are still in use too.
  10. Recently I travelled to complete another BFR at an airfield that I normally don’t fly from. I choose to do this in a similar performance type of aircraft to mine but not the same. I do this to test my application of flying skills not just another run in my aircraft. It makes me think about my flying while it is refreshing to change aircraft. I take on any input from the CFI as to how I could sharpen my skills. This is enjoyable and yet a valuable exercise in my opinion.
  11. Should we differentiate between climb speed and speed when climbing. Climbing at 65 knots while giving good height gain also sees the engine temps climb. To climb with the same revs but at 75knots will see lower engine temps. There is more air flowing over the fins and less engine load,
  12. Purchase a leather cover you lace on. Needle and thread included usually. About $20
  13. Aircraftspruce has an Australian agency who I have used effectively. The prices end up being about the same as the parent group in the US because of freight costs. They are pretty prompt too.
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