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  1. I recorded this on TV it was called Spitfire Women. Great documentary.
  2. W We are CFI at Tumut so I may get to meet you! Have not looked into AWPA yet although a few people have mentioned it. Might have to have a chat to you about it. We have moved over from SA too.
  3. Yes, once our hangar and offices are finished we may look at other aircraft. We are not actually training at Temora until then, for now only at Tumut.
  4. Hi all, I have been registered on the forum for over a year but have not got around to posting until now. I learnt to fly at Griffith in 98/99 in a C172 and Cherokee. I did my GFPT in a Decathlon to get my tailwheel and constant speed endorsements (also a few aeros when we got sick of doing curcuits). I did all my navs in an Archer and then flew our BD4 homebuilt taildragger. I went on to fly C172 or C182 until I had our first child in 2004. Now after two kids I am getting back into flying. I have done my AFR in our recently purchased C182G which is a great family wagon and taken the family f
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