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  1. I found the buzzer behind the upper side panel by the pilots head, held in by two screws. The buzzer had failed. It was easy enough to change out. Cheers. E
  2. Hi I am trying to locate the Tecnam P92JS Stall warning buzzer location. Mine has stopped working and l would like to fault find. If I recall the sound comes from above. l am guessing it is somewhere buried near one of the wing roots in the cabin? The MM does not specify the location or the specific part. I figure it must be some kind of basic piezo electric buzzer 12v. Any pointers gratefully received. Ed
  3. Thanks for the replies. I have been flying this aircraft for over 500 hours, and it has always been necessary to apply some right rudder pressure since I bought it eight years ago, I just never thought it out of the ordinary until another experienced pilot commented on it, so this is not a sudden thing, just one I took for granted. My aircraft is the certified version based in Thailand. The engine has not been replaced. We (mechanic & I) have been checking the steering springs, and nosewheel alignment, fairings etc, all Ok. Aileron hinges are ok, and the ailerons are level
  4. Hi, I have owned a P92JS for almost eight years now, and either I am starting to get a senior moment, or the aircraft seems to need a lot more right rudder input than I recall in the early days. A new pilot has been flying the aircraft and keeps commenting about how unusual it is to need constant rudder input in all phases of flight, so I thought I would revisit the topic. As I fly it regularly, it may have insidiously crept up on me. We now have the rudder trim bent for right rudder almost 90 degrees which seems extreme, and with this set, feet off we are half a ball out to the righ
  5. Illegal fishing goes on, mainly for the Chineese table, but thankfully no dynomite. They also get caught up in commercial fishing nets and subsequently drown. In some parts of the South, these animals are very highly treasured and loved, and actively protected by the locals themselves, hence why we see larger numbers at these sites year on year, compared to the dwindling population at most others.
  6. I have uploaded a recent volunteer Dugong survey flight I participate in every year using my Tecnam P92JS around the Southern Coastal waters of Thailand where I am based. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-w4OkNGYTk&hd=1 A blog of last years mission is also at https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B0RWvtlJ2ylTZjQ5ZGFhYTUtMzQ0Zi00ZGQyLTk2YWYtMmYzYTg1NmJkOGI3&hl=en Enjoy! The Tecnam is an excellent platform for this type of mission and I love flying her with the doors off! Cheers -Eduardo
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I managed to locate a spare locally, and am in the process of repairing the cowling. The damage was originally caused by a local storm, which threw a brick at the cowling, so some fibreglass work is also requried before I can refit the camlock. Thanks for the feedback everyone. E
  8. Thanks for the reply Bob, Do you happen to know what type of Camlock is used on he P92JS? Cheers - E
  9. I have lost one of the camlocks on my P92JS which secures the lower engine cowling. There are normally two of these either side of the steering well. Does anyone know what type they are? I contacted Tecnam, but they want more then 10 times the cost of the part in shipping as they will only ship out via DHL, not regular post. I am sure this is a simple part obtainable from Aircraft Spruce or the like, but there are many to choose from, and the parts manual only gives Tecnam’s internal part number for it. Any suggestions appreciated. Cheers -E
  10. Hi, I thought you might be interested in some recent survey flights I conducted on behalf of the Thai Marine Centre in Southern Thailand to conduct a census of local Dugong population. details at NOK Aviation news. The flights were conducted using my Tecnam P92JS with the doors off, flying accurate low level (300ft AGL) transect lines. Hard work, but very rewarding, and a nice thing for GA to get involved in. Cheers - Eduardo
  11. Hello Fellow Tecnam owners, I thought you might be interested to see the panel from my P92JS. I recently added a TruTrak auto pilot to the panel. (Instrument next to the VSI) (Apologies for the poor quality of the photo, taken on my phone late at night). Other items of interest; on top of the auto pilot is a Strikefinder lightning detector, and on top of that is a JPI 450 fuel totaliser. Those three items were my additions, and apart from the PMA audio panel which I fitted to improve the intercom, all the other items on the panel are factory options selected by the previous owner.
  12. Hi Nigel, I use something very similar on my P92JS. It does extend the life of the bettery if the aircraft is not used for several months at a time. If the interval between flight is only 1-2 weeks, it is probably not worth it. Cheers - E
  13. Hi Forum, I thought you all might be interested in some recent survey flying I did in my Tecnam for a local wild life organisation in Southern Thailand. If you click on the link below it will take you to the download of the trip report in pdf format. http://www.warthai.org/ Cheers - E
  14. Many thanks for the reply. I have now fitted the unit and so far it has been ok, apart from some interferrence it is picking up from the engine on the 200Nm range scale which I am working on supressing. We are now in the good weather season here in Thailand, so will only really know how good it is later on in the year during the monsoon. E
  15. Hi Forum, I have been flying during the monsoon season here and in Thailand, and the experiance has very much increased my respect for weather forecasts and how vulnerable we (especially small aircraft) pilots are to it. My home town is Phuket, where there was a very tragic accident here recently due to appaling weather. I fly a Tecnam P92JS and have decided to fit a lightning detector unit to it. If I had the space and weight allowance I would fit a weather radar, but that is not practical. My theory is that I should try and equip myself with as much early warning equipment as pos
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