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  1. It's good to hear there are some advantages to it. The slightly ironic part is I usually get pulled up for sloppy rudder work. Maybe we will cross paths at Warnervale. I try and fly mid week, but sometimes work stuffs me up and I have to do a Sat.
  2. Hello David, Yep I always struggle with 6s and 7s. They look so alike. I have a suspicion you were having a talk with Paul a few Saturday's ago when I was finishing my lesson. I normally do my lesson's during the week but sometimes work gets in the way. See you at Warnervale one day. Col.
  3. The owner did the changeover, I understand he went through a lot of paperwork to have it approved. I believe he is happy with the outcome.
  4. Thanks for the response. I don't have anything to compare the J170 to as yet, which in itself is something I would like to correct once I become licenced. Comments I do have so far. I am left handed and would like to blame my bad days on having to learn to use my lesser hand to do the tricky stuff, but I'm sure my instructor would, with good reason, call that an excuse. Having said that, I think rudder control, is the thing I am struggling to master. But it is all improving. The AC is fitted with a Rotax engine and that, according to my instructor, makes life a little easier from my point of
  5. Hello, I'm up to about 17hrs at Warnervale on a J170. I'm not a natural, but enjoying the challenge. Still no idea if I should hire, buy or build. but plenty of time to decide. Thanks to those who maintain and contribute to this Forum. It has been a good resource. Col.
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