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  1. https://www.windyty.com/spot/ad/YBBN/-27.404/153.110?clouds,-27.516,155.391,8
  2. bexrbetter, Can you give more explanations? Thanks
  3. Yes if possible I'm already seeing something http://store.driftinnovation.com/ http://www.actualidadgadget.com/probamos-la-action-cam-sony-hdr-as30v/ but my question is.but my question is. What camera to use with my hand?
  4. thanks teckair, and which camera would you recommend?
  5. Richard: how fast are the news ....... :) facthunter: Thanks for the encouragement ... I'm not worried about the lack of water, I do not'll shower in the whole adventure the most critical point of the adventure is to cross arabia, but strangely I contacted a pilot Irani, and maybe it's easier to cross Iran. My idea is a direct Iran to India, without stopping in Pakistan, but first, expect to solve the current problems of terrorism in that area .... (arabia...) saludos...
  6. Yes, is Dave Sykes, This guy have a other adventure. Fly to North Pole http://www.polarflight.co.uk/
  7. which is the best month to fly in northern australia + indonesia .... and what are the worst months? thanks.
  8. in the future, I want to take a trip with my experimental aircraft. From Spain to australia. I am now slowly gathering information. What requirements need to enter australia flying with my own plane ?. thanks
  9. Hello Alf You can use google translator I think that translates well to English my English is bad for the moment. ..... Someday I will travel to australia in my own plane built.
  10. Spanish magazine interview Australia in gyroplane by Spanish pilots http://avionypiloto.es/este-numero/la-vuelta-a-australia-en-autogiro/ http://www.fjdiago.blogspot.com.es/
  11. hi all Sorry for my bad English. I'm learning and improving to get to level 4 ICAO My name is Enrique I'm from Spain in Europe, and I enjoy reading various forums of sport aviation. Australia seems to me an amazing country, I will visit someday. a question to the public. as I can see "View Posts Since Last Visit" or similar??. Greetings
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