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  1. Bernie Knight - based at YLED Lethbridge Airpark. Spending a lot of time at Kingston Tas. Best number is 0408564448 0408KNIGHT
  2. I'm just little confused here with this 'bring them in approach'... I see so many very experienced - high hour - young pilots working trying to get a job in our Australian industry. I maybe wrong, but they seem to be over looked or not even given the opportunity. 1000 plus hours then 300 plus hours in twins and they are often told to get more experience. They hang around flying schools, adventure flight companies building hours. I bet we all know the kid at our local airfield trying to get into the airline world.
  3. Thanks guys for this. I’m in Kingston for a week from Thursday and said I’ll check the strip for the boys here at Lethbridge Airpark. I have an RV8 myself and may see if I can get in - length and grass condition? Thanks again for the reply and the contacts. Safe flying. Bernie
  4. Marty, thanks for the the heads up. I’m in your area at Kingston Beach next week. I’ll drive down and walk the strip. That sounds good as a few Rec Au’s guys were thinking of flying in. I said I’d check it out for them. bernie
  5. Hi all, Some hangar discussion today about flying into Hobart and options nearby for Rec Aus aircraft Cambridge Airport immediately next to Hobart is an option, but it’s a very busy airport and limited access due to Hobart airspace etc. Are there any suitable airports nearby - Tasmanian pilots may know options? Cheers
  6. Vans RV8A with graphics and interior upgrades being completed
  7. Young boy in USA had the perfect answer to The Right to Bear Arms - US Constitution “... why don’t they just ban ammunition” Mmmm out of the mouth of babes as they say
  8. Yes we can get most people up front for a look during the flight
  9. Flight times and costs vary - low fast flights to high G aerobatics Certainly a lot cheaper than many others and it’s a true fighter trainer jet
  10. Think it’s about 30 plus. Those that do it comment it’s huge
  11. Hangar 8 at Lethbridge Airpark Victoria is the home of some unusual aircraft Not least is the Polish Iskra Jet VH ISK Now available for Adventure Flights It was a real treat to see the jet and an excited passenger at Lethbridge Airpark Now on line for lucky passengers with flights that include Great Ocean Road at 700 km/h plus and some fighter aeros I’m told costs range on just what the passenger wants from $1200 upwards Well worth checking out along with their Yak 18 and Antonov AN2
  12. Great lead - tnx just chasing a few now
  13. Gravity Easy solution.. Rec Aus to have TCAS and FMS then accidents would be lower. Just an additional $100k
  14. Ok next time Alf. Ill let you know when I'm heading in. Bulk strip - Mmmm - never light. I had the bulk strip of the engine plus the Governor and Prop. Soon adds up.
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