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  1. If the only vent which allows egress of the air through the oil cooler is 15 x 100 mm you may well have to increase the size of that vent. Compare it to the size of the air inlet to the cooler. Think of it this way if the air can't get out then pressure build up (back pressure) inside the cowl is going to stop the air actually getting in.
  2. You obviously don't know much about riding bikes and have never tried it. the statement about pulling on the opposite bar is true think about Gyroscopic procession, a force in one direction will cause a gyro to tilt in the plane of 90 degrees later this is why pilots of tail draggers learn to tap dance on the rudder pedals when raising the tail on take off. ie Both props and bike wheels are effectively gyro's.
  3. PM and Scott I think have pretty much summed it up, I like the advise on flying in the middle. I also have often been asked similar questions. Although I always try to interpret them as coming from the point of view of some one trying to learn. After all we all do it see an unfamiliar machine that we like and usually the first question I ask is what will she cruise on? How much strip do you need etc, I don't expect precise answers but some times it's just interesting to know. And yeah there are many times when in hind sight I know that I have asked some awfully dumb ones. Embarrassing that!
  4. I need to clarify above statement about not being able to stick two cylinders exactly opposite each other . You can if you use fork and blade arrangement as in some V twins. but none of the engines I mentioned above use this arrangement.
  5. So why is it that the four cyl Jab, Continental and Lycoming engines have all four pistons "reversing rotational inertia" at the same time. look them up There are some very good photos of their crankshafts online. oh and guess what I just googled images of the Rotax 912 crank and it looks awfully like they do the same. Funny that. Should really check your facts before making "expert comments" As for cylinder offset causing a rocking couple that is just a load of bollocks.the only reason for Cylinder offset is because you can't stick two pistons exactly opposite each other and all engines that are four or two or six cyl horizontally opposed have it.
  6. https://gallery.mailchimp.com/dfd69bf8f8fec1b9da00eedbd/files/Critical_Component_Failures.pdf I copied this link from another thread on this forum. If you are in any doubt about the benefits of oil analysis I strongly suggest you read this article.
  7. With regard to the sort of things to look for with Jab engines, having a look at the Jab engine manual there are bushes in the rocker arms whic at a guess would be some kind of bronze( copper tin etc.) Valve guides are likely to be similar. The main bearings are slipper bearings so most probably white metal (antimony ,tin ,lead zinc). then of course valve lifters and cam shaft these as I'm sure you are aware are the bits likely to wear. Jabaru should be able to tell you the chemical compositions of these components and this should give you a pretty good guide as to what to look for in your oil analysis.
  8. This could not be further from the truth SOAP is not used to extend oil change intervals it is used monitor engine condition and provide early warning as to possible component failure. Never in my experience in maintaining aircraft have I seen or heard of any engine manufacturer recommending or advocating extension of oil change periods. If you can name one I would be very interested to have you provide a reference.
  9. there is something similar produced for most aircraft it'scalled a Pilots Operating Handbook or POH
  10. These women have flown it all.
  11. For all the ladies of aviation check this out. When I stumbled upon this on the Internet I was blown away. Goood on you girls.
  12. Cheers Riley comments noted. Is it not the purpose of debate to establish as best we can the facts of the discussion? As far as "my challenges" are concerned I believe I have perhaps made two A. get your facts right B. Are you actually qualified to speak. I do not see this as overstepping any bounds. After all it maybe okay to BS your mates in the pub and lets face it we all probably do at times but this is a public forum which has the ability to and in fact does have a great influence on our sport and the regulations governing it.(Types of aircraft allowed to be flown etc.) And as such I feel that it absolutely important that all commentators adhere to both A & B above. P.S.Given that I've not had the chance to do any inspections on the PAL-V I do have to admit that I am not qualified to attest to the airworthiness of the machine. PPS I shall not comment further on the debate and will allow whoever to have the last say.
  13. No aggression at all Nev I just like to know that the person I am discussing something with actually knows what they are talking about. When I start stating facts and figures I try to be to be very accurate and I like to make sure that the facts DO get in the way of my opinions, after all on the internet you can pretend to be anyone you want to be. I am at any time willing to bow to some one with greater knowledge than myself, but I do not suffer fools and if some one can show me that I am genuienly wrong I am more than happy to admit it. But being right for the sake of my ego I will not tolerate with myself and I will not tolerate from others and there are a lot of people who get on forums in general and spruke stuff that they are unqualified to discuss and that is why I am happy to post copies of my quals. Are you
  14. I would love to see those stats. I'll do some research for the seventies when I get the chance and get back to you.
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