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  1. F-111D Cockpit Crew Module USAF serial 68-0125. Completely restored to perfection. This is the only restored F-111D cockpit in existence and is truly exotic. The cockpit has all real flight instruments. 100% complete. Cockpit is currently owned by a former F-111 pilot. Send us a message with questions... Delivered to the USAF on 18 September 1972. Whilst with the 524th TFS, 27th TFW, crashed at 14:15 hours MST, on September 11, 1987 at Cannon AFB, New Mexico The jet impacted about one-and-three-quarter miles from the end of runway 22 at Cannon AFB. The crew were practicing single engine approaches and the engine that was providing thrust flamed out. A well known fact about the F-111 is that the engines don't have very good response to rapid throttle movements. The aircraft wallowed around for several seconds before the capsule separated. The ejection was initiated at about 200 feet and the parachute barely opened before impact. The airframe impacted on the right wing and cartwheeled several times before coming to a rest upside down. The vertical tail broke off in the ground. Crew ejected safely: PILOT Maj John Sides and WSO Maj. Russell Striker. Call sign Captor 11. The aircraft had accumilated 1,444 flights and 3,494.2 flight hours at the time of loss. USA SALE ONLY TO A US CITIZEN ONLY https://www.ebay.com/itm/F-111-Aardvark-Cockpit-Crew-Module/254054932151?hash=item3b26da9eb7:g:fToAAOSwmPlcMTeS
  2. fly_tornado

    Freight Forwarding advice fm USA

    Oregon has no sales tax, that's why shopmate is one of dozens of package/freight forwarders based there. The sale to an Oregon address avoid those taxes
  3. fly_tornado

    Bad Experience with Jabiru

    UAV using avgas?
  4. fly_tornado

    Freight Forwarding advice fm USA

    being in Perth, deal with a Perth based company. It pays to shop around, freight companies are sketchy as heck.
  5. fly_tornado

    2018 is going to be great

    the 2017/2018 report is here https://issuu.com/raaus/docs/annual_report_2017-18_pages_small_i only reporting a 1/2 year 262,184
  6. fly_tornado

    Coopers Gap Wind Farm Construction

    @mnewbery excellent points
  7. fly_tornado

    Coopers Gap Wind Farm Construction

    you can see the live power production on this site, solar is making an impact but QLD gov needs to keep exporting power to pay down the gov's deficit. https://opennem.org.au/#/regions/qld
  8. fly_tornado

    CASA too busy to check Essendon plans

    unless QANTAS is involved CASA don't care
  9. fly_tornado

    Coopers Gap Wind Farm Construction

    power consumption in summer heat is through the roof, QLD exports power to NSW, so that's probably just Tarong running at full power.
  10. fly_tornado

    Freight Forwarding advice fm USA

    you want to go via container? try a car import mob, they usually load stuff into the boots of the cars. your parts just need to be clean.
  11. fly_tornado


    not really Wellcamp related but of interest to @mnewbery Departing tourism CEO hails Wagner's 'vision' for sector Tom Gillespie 2 minutes 9th Jan 2019 3:02 PM Subscriber only THE former CEO of one of the Darling Downs' competing tourism authorities has backed the two groups joining forces to propel the sector forward. Ruth Wetmore, who was the main face of John Wagner's privately-run Tourism Darling Downs for 18 months, today confirmed she had finished her contract with the organisation to return to work in Sydney. Ms Wetmore said she loved her time in the region, so much so she stayed six months longer than her original contract. "I had a one-year contract to put tourism back on the map. I feel I had achieved those goals," she said. "We had demonstrated to those who had been funding tourism that there was another way. "I did 500 one-on-ones with operators. "We got China here, we had international tour operators come through who loved the area. "I have been passionate about the region - it was an amazing journey for me." Ms Wetmore also praised the work of Mr Wagner, calling him a "visionary". "The bottom line is what I and John wanted was to give tourism a massive boost and let it continue in an entity that could be funded for the future," she said. Ms Wetmore's comments come as a major shake-up in the tourism industry looms, centred around the structure and leadership at TDD and the council and government-funded Southern Queensland Country Tourism.
  12. you would think by 2019 Jab would come up with a reliable fuel gauge.
  13. fly_tornado

    Fire resistant firewall??

    a layer of carbon fibre would work well
  14. fly_tornado

    aeromomentum aircraft engines?

    look at that bling!