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  1. when was the last time an RAA aircraft killed someone on the ground? its an abstract risk
  2. I don't see what the issue is, once the building is built, the council has to have a tenant. If the locals make it look like a bad idea to the council, you might miss out on a very nice new clubhouse.
  3. Its hard to justify the investment in new facilities at the airport when GA is declining and unlikely to change or without a customer. I'd say RMP have approached the council looking for a facility to rent and the council are satisfied RMP can pay the rent for the next 5 years. Apart from them being Indian, I can't see what the problem is.
  4. mike has plenty of money, he'll rebuild Draco better than before
  5. council are spending council money to develop a council asset. if RMP leaves the airport everyone gets a nice clubhouse, if RMP makes a go of it then the council gets its money back through rent. I don't see what they issue is
  6. at the end of the day, the council are providing your airport with a nice new shiny clubhouse (eventually).
  7. if you go onto thingiverse.com you will find dozens of upgrades for the ender3
  8. there are a million people doing 3D printer reviews on youtube.
  9. boeing pilots are not co-operating https://www.avweb.com/aviation-news/max-top-pilot-takes-the-fifth-over-document-subpoena/
  10. pricing the magazine to reflect the true costs of production and distribution isn't a bad thing. I think its obvious that most pilots would prefer a cheaper online solution.
  11. only 1500 subscribers? they had 2500 5 years ago
  12. Quadcopter type UAVs are going to be a huge problem for CASA in the next few years as they get more sophisticated
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