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  1. Soar Aviation pilot training remains suspended pending audit Soar Aviation chief executive Neel Khokhani. An hour ago November 6, 2019 No Comments Australia’s largest pilot training school, Soar Aviation, has cancelled flying for a fifth straight day following an audit of training partner Box Hill Institute. Students first learned of the cancellations late Friday via emails from Box Hill and Soar, which have been the subject of investigations by the Australian Skills Quality Authority and the Victorian Department of Education. Box Hill’s correspondence said the TAFE college maintained safety as its highest priority, and it had “requested Soar to suspend flying for BHI students for the next few days”. READ MORE: Pilot courses on hold | Training ‘not delivered’ That was followed by an email from Soar Aviation CEO Neel Khokhani informing students “Box Hill Institute had requested documentation in relation to our fleet” and they would be pausing flight operations until that was provided. He added that students would not be charged for the cancelled flights. A further update was received by students from Mr Khokhani Monday night, revealing Soar was “continuing to work with Box Hill to clarify an aspect of our flight training”, then last night, an instructor sent a message about further cancellations on Wednesday. “At this point flights won’t be going ahead for reasons you already know,” wrote the instructor. “On the positive side, we at Soar have been working to get flights back up and running and at this point things are looking positive, with flying most likely starting again this week.” Box Hill theory classes were proceeding as usual, the message said. Students have lodged multiple complaints to Box Hill and the Department of Education about their training at Soar, claiming it was not what they were promised. One student said she was told she would be trained in a Cessna 172 for her commercial pilot’s licence (CPL), and instead she was flying a Foxbat and forced to take out membership of Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus). Concerns have also been raised about the high number of enrolments in comparison to flight instructors and aircraft, and the low rate of completions. Data from the Department of Employment show there were 289 enrolments in the BHI CPL diploma in the first six months of this year, and a 47.6 per cent unit of study completion rate. More than $7m in VET student loans had been granted for the training. Mr Khokhani and Box Hill Institute are yet to respond to questions from The Australian about the ongoing flight cancellations.
  2. one day Wagners will lead the paddock to the pipe with their "1000" jobs
  3. the election getting closer
  4. having the time of their lives
  5. bex gets a discount version of solidworks with his EAA membership https://www.eaa.org/eaa/eaa-membership/eaa-member-benefits/solidworks-resource-center
  6. Solidworks by Dassault, part of the Airbus group. Its designed to design and build aircraft. It does everything within one package.
  7. All I'm saying Pete is that Bex would have been digging himself into an ever increasing hole by starting the project off in Sketchup, its just not the right software package for designing a plane, great for furniture.
  8. deleted...insulting to a member, play the topic not the person FT, as you well know......mod
  9. Do you really want to be flying around with a dodgy radio?
  10. large chunks of the NBN can easily be converted over to 5G, all the basic infrastructure is there, fibre, power and an in street installation
  11. when a tower gets overloaded they drop off clients that have access to other towers. your 4G tower out in the sticks probably only has a few passing cars on it most of the time. I'm on the NBN since 2012 and its a huge step up from the ADSL2 I had before, rock solid for years at a time
  12. @derekliston has agreed to follow this project
  13. get Barnaby to have a look at and he'll tell you he's doing everything he can to fix it.
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