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  1. A bit of a follow up on this incident for anyone interested for Saftey Month https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xA1TySNIyBw&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3GTtVuVS80JsdfiNkInVoqRBMFORLxq6ZrEqdY5rXklgSsGwcj0_ZrCsg
  2. This is why acquiring permission and insuring you are not putting anyone or anything else in harms way is one of the most important things in relation choosing where you may land. Even if it does comply with the standards of an ALA you are just as potentially screwed legally as has been demonstrated numerous times. But hey, maybe we should all just play it safe and stick to flying our keyboards?
  3. Well there you go then. Now you have a great example on an incident at site that does not satisfy the CAAP regarding ALAs and not for a moment has RAA, CASA or the insurer had an issue with it.
  4. The witness's of the incident have all documented what happened. I personally have multiple pages recorded to the most minor details I could think of. And I fully agree that these things need to be shared. I am a huge advocate for sharing these sorts of things for others to learn from and have run numerous large scale campaigns promoting it on platforms far larger than this forum. I like you learnt my off airport flying skill sets by learning from others experiences and would love to share what happened with the world but as I said you need to just trust me when I say this is not the time, i
  5. Yes mate it was reported to RAA. Representatives of RAA kindly called me while I was still on the ground with genuine concern for his well being. They are very much aware of it and proper protocol has been followed. Keep in mind he was hospital for a week so there may have been some delays. His doing well, thanks for asking! His home and very happy to be at that. His got a few months of recovery ahead but at this stage a full recovery is expected. Just always so very impacting on the life of a farmer. Particularly during harvest season! What a ridiculous thing to say. What co
  6. Hey guys. Yes I was there and I wittnessed this. Be careful what you read on the internet, Im yet to read a single article tgat is vaugley correct. This was not a forced landing. Was simply an accident. Many lessons to be learnt from it but it was not a result of anything major or stupid happening. Was just a good example of a couple of small things lining up to make a bigger thing. Im hoping I will be able to one day talk about this accident, what happened and what can be learnt from it but that will be up to otto to decide if and when. Just stay safe out there people
  7. Gday mate. Tim howes here. I founded bfdu. Shoot me an email mate at [email protected] and well get in contact!
  8. far from kidding ourselves on this one, it is a very very standard practice. It is something practiced with every off airport landing and for those off us of whom bush flying is our hobby, making the majority of our landings off airport this is just another one of the many simple skills we practice as standard. I only suggested it as I feel it is a genuinely useful skill for everyone to have for moments like these. It is something taught as part of standard training in the US. there are various degrees of dragging a strip depending on how serious your situation is but for a simple thing such
  9. The short version of dragging a strip is to do a pass of the strip before landing, lightly touching one or 2 wheels to assess the surface condition if it appears questionable. Its always important to come back around and look at your tracks aswell before landing to see how deep the grass, mud, or whatever the surface is. There is ofcourse alot more to it than that, this is the very very dumbed down version. like what techniques to employ to make sure this action is done safetly. Its also harder than it seems to hold a single wheel on a runway for an extended distance only lightly. This said
  10. No worries geoff, illsend you a message on face book about how to do all of the above. Some good bush strip practices. We can practice them at little italy one day Ryan, if you ever like id be more than happy to run you through some good bush strip/off airport techniques and could tell you a bit about how to identify surface and wind conditions before landing. I do reasonable amount of bush flying and take pleasure in passing on what ive learnt
  11. I havnt posted here in a long time, but I felt like voicing an opinion on this one. I will quickly say though I appologise if this is full of typos, Im typing on my phone in a hospital waiting room. Im sorry ryan but I have to say I see you as completely in the wrong on this one. You say you have 100 hours and then go on to say you had a perfect takeoff technique. There is no single perfect take off technique, they are variable for every situation. At 100 hours your still in flying diapers and there is no way you could judge if your takeoff technique is perfect with that little experience.
  12. haha sorry mate, most of it was actually filmed without audio so it would have been awfully quite! cant please them all
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