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  1. Time lapse sequences of photographs taken by Ron Garan, Satoshi Furukawa and the crew of expeditions 28 & 29 onboard the International Space Station from August to October, 2011, who to my knowledge shot these pictures at an altitude of around 350 km. All credit goes to them. I intend to upload a FullHD-version presently. HD, refurbished, smoothed, retimed, denoised, deflickered, cut, etc. All in all I tried to keep the looks of the material as original as possible, avoided adjusting the colors and the like, since in my opinion the original footage itself already has an
  2. And why have you never done this when I've been there!
  3. Moved to Armidale for uni so only in Coffs sporadically now
  4. I think I have to agree with you there. I spent about 5 hours in the Jabiru after finishing up with flying the Foxbat and only just started to feel like I would be able to manage solo and now I'll have to get used to something else. I definitely don't enjoy flying as much as I used to actually, it seems like in the LSA flying was more of a chore as you always had to be focused on what the plane is doing, keeping the ball in the centre and making sure it is actually doing what you want it to etc, especially doing circuits. Hopefully when I eventually come back to flying to finish of my cert I w
  5. Yes that was me, got one for 1k. Ended up using it just getting used to the Jab, and in trying to go solo which involved flying to Grafton first due to the tower at Coffs. Didn't even end up going solo, wasn't feeling up to it on the day.
  6. Nope it is Jabiru powered. All I know is the model of engine in it is not the same as what came from the factory, don't know if that means it is a more powerful one or not.
  7. There was no other traffic in the circuit, on the ground, or inbound when we lined up that first time, plus the wind was around 10 knots right down the runway so we did the checks quickly then, rather than at 90 degrees to the wind. And yes it did stop after the last landing - probably because it was such a rough landing I assume.
  8. Filmed this months ago, only just got around to editing it and putting it on youtube yesterday. Didn't know it at the time but this is my last lesson in the Jabiru LSA 55, and last lesson with my instructor/flying school before they closed down. Decided to take a break from the flying now, probably for a few years until I have the time and am actually living in the one place. Have been considering putting it off for a while now and the fact I don't have a flying school now made the decision for me. Plus it would be expensive seeing as I would have to spend money getting used to a whole new
  9. I'd be interested in hearing what the flight test involves, hopefully it will be time for mine in the next 6 months!
  10. I was just wondering if GA solo hours would count towards the 5 hours solo I need before attempting an RAA flight test? At this point all I need to do is the 4.4 hours solo I have left, as well as some lessons on more advanced skills before I can do the test. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the long reply there! I actually flew the LSA 55 again recently and will bea gain tomorrow (Hopefully with some solo too) and felt much much better about it to be honest. The first two landings were crap, with the second actually being a go around due to me totally buggering it up but after a demo landing I seemed to pick it up quickly and thought my landings were rather good! I flew with a few knots of crosswind and seemed to get the hang of it and manage it fine. I do still find it feels powerful though, but after flying a Piper Warrior from an airport at 3500'MSL everything fe
  12. The following video was my first lesson on a few months, and also my second lesson on the Jabiru LSA 55. It is a bit more difficult to fly but once you get used to it there are less issues. My first landing was pretty dodgy, second was even worse - It resulted in a go around, the first time I've done this. Basically I flared to high, started sinking to fast and went to put on a bit of power to slow the sink rate, however I put on too much power and climbed about 10 feet. By this time I was too high, and the slight crosswind had pushed us way to the left so I figured this landing wasn't going t
  13. I actually don't come to think of it.... I'll find out next time I fly but I'm sure someone will post with the answer before then.
  14. After not flying for ages I came home and will be doing some lessons while I am on holidays. Last time I flew the LSA 55 I did not appreciate it but knew I needed to get used to it. It took me a while to get used to landings, my first was crappy and second resulted in a go around (I flared to high, started sinking and put on too much power the stop the sink resulting in climbing about 10 ft, I probably could have landed in the runway left but though it best to go around and try again). My third landing, after a demo from my instructor was much better and I was quite happy with it. Overall the
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