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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Time expired 912 that could be run on condition. Neat 2000 hours. Out of a Savannah XL. Compression and leak downs good. Always L2 maintained. There has been a slight coolant leak for the last 800 hours that needed monitoring but always lasted 50 hours before needing a refill. Would be easy to fix now the motor is out. Otherwise has been faultless. Packaged in crate ready to go. Located 50km West Goondiwindi QLD but can be delivered to courier in Gundy.


    Goondiwindi , Queensland - AU

  2. Perro


    I have a spare one if you still need it!! Tim
  3. I am one of the six who had a Savannah for sale. I indeed have imported an XL. I sold the VG because after a few hours up in it I couldn't walk when I got out. The new one is just much more comfortable, even tho the seats are still the same and I need a cushion behind the small of my back. I actually think the VG may be marginally better to fly. The XL seems to be a bit front heavy and for a while the nosewheel was banging onto the strip on landing till I got used to it. I may be imagining it but it doesn't seem as maneuverable either. Whatever the case vthey are bloody brilliant aircraft, and
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