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    Hi guys, I have had 3 lessons 2 of which were useless, with a instructor who told me about his divorces rather than flying. Getting closer to picking a good instructor, my last lesson was a good one I've also had 3 hours in a R44 helicopter flying straight and level (a good mate of mine owns it) its surprising how similar they are to flying a fixed wing aircraft. I live in Newcastle and don't have any particular aerodrome yet that I fly from. Bests wishes for the New Year Eddie
  2. Hi guys, I am a wanna be, hopefully gunna be. I've had a mid life crisis since the age of 22, at least thats what darling says. I have had a few lessons, in 152's and the new I think 160. I would like to eventually get into a STOL, the Hornet made in Taree is of particular interest. Not sure whether to get a GA or Rraus licence. Thanks for looking:plane:
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