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  1. Yes in most cases there has been a crosswind. The first time was in a stiff crosswind 12-14K and I was slipping into the crosswind.
  2. Kaz you might be on to something. I used to fly 172's and some models have a placards on the dash warning about slips with flaps extended. Today, I was out with our club chief CFI and demonstrated the maneuver at altitude, and he thought that the tail surfaces were getting blanked by the flaps. It didn't really STALL this time though, but I did not hold it long after I felt the controls get mushy. Once bitten - twice shy. I'm going to try a good full rudder slip without flaps next flight to build my confidence back up. If I survive that - then maybe again progressing to full flaps.
  3. I've had this happen a few times in my J250-SP... Coming to land full flaps and a bit high. Enter a slip to increase descent rate and suddenly, the plane drops like it's stalled (but it's not). The nose drops at the same time. Foreward on the stick and full power will stop the rapid descent. Is this normal behavior? I've slipped a few LSA's and they increase the rate of descent, but nothing like this! Responses appreciated, Mark
  4. Hello, I have a Jabiru J250-SP. Based in Erie Colorado. Mark
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