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  1. Timbgy, I have flown both, I have taken the 582 on a demo - but I own a 503 (so I am a little bit biased). I decided that it wasn't worth me upgrading because of my particular situation - custom built covered trailer suiting the square framed 503. The Hummer has heaps of power, and you get great lift from the larger prop that comes standard. I opted for a new trimmed chute (slower, but greater lift) and the longer, rubber edged, Bolly prop (more thrust = greater lift) - and I am as happy as a pig in p00! Peter
  2. They also have mirrors ... drop them and you risk breaking a mirror ... giving you some bad luck in the process. Peter
  3. I picked my 'chute colours so they could be seen against any backdrop - but I'm not sure if a plane painted the same way would look so good! Peter
  4. Hey Flyerme, would love to take a (road) trip over to you and check out your new strip with the 'chute one day. Be good to check out the Supercat and Thruster as well Peter
  5. What am I missing? Would love to see the video.
  6. Welcome James! Enjoy the site. Peter
  7. Here's another trailer ... http://www.apilotsstory.com/index_elements/trailer3.html Peter
  8. Welcome Sparrowhawk, enjoy the forums and the (eventual) trike! Peter
  9. What about a cross between a car and PPC? http://www.recreationalflying.com/posts/204556/
  10. Well done Flyerme! Congratulations! All safely done too - most importantly. Peter
  11. I tried introducing mine to a tree once ... but they don't play nice!
  12. Congratulations Phil - please take lots of piccies and post them here for us to drool over and give you all the encouragement and back-patting you need!!! Peter
  13. Hi and Brendan - let us know all about the Brumby when it arrives! (Don't forget the pics either!) Peter
  14. I'm also a long term (21+ years) SES Road Accident / Search and Rescue volunteer ... Run a couple of businesses from home in the spare time - Setting up, Installing and training on computer systems, for the Small Office / Home Office user; a handmade-lacemaking supplies business; Instructional design and training delivery in just about anything; also a business consultant - currently full-time project manager for a media-distribution-over-the-internet project. Hoping to convince the CEO / CFO (wife) that I'm primed and ready for retirement while we can still enjoy it! Would like to travel around the country with Caravan & Aerochute in tow to see as much of this place from both the ground and air, and have fun doing it! :rotary: Peter