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  1. My really excellent contact in Goondiwindi took the whole tail end off for testing and repair. The fabric tested out fine and a repair was made to the big hole. It's a really good job - neat and shiny and you can't see it unless you are looking for it. I think a fella in Boonah did the repair job. So. It's all back together and I have flown it again - all is well. It was a very large mud nest and fell right near the edge of the elevator where the tension on the fabric would have been the greatest, and those mud nests have lots of sharp edges on them. We knocked them all down and the lit
  2. Thanks everyone. I have it sorted. We will take it off the plane and take it to be repaired or totally redone if that is what it needs. No more flying for me for a while it seems. Thanks for all your help Cheers
  3. Hey forumites - hope you can help me out. A stinking mud nest has fallen on my skyfoxes elevator and made a hole in the top side about 6 x 7 cm it's quite close to the trailing edge and about halfway along the thing. Question 1. Can you please tell me what type of fabric it is? 2. And also the type of paint that was used on top of the fabric by Skyfox? Years ago I was given a piece of the fabric by a LAME to do any minor repairs if needed but have never had to use it. The time has come it seems. And lastly would it be safe enough in the interim to tape it up with gorilla tape and fl
  4. Oh yeah, it's all so funny the first time around! Just try listening, for the thousandth time, to some idiot mangling your local towns name, It all gets pretty boring. AND we are supposed to find it amusing. How hard is it to sound out and say Thar - go - min - dah ? Or Cunn - a -mulla? We had a dill here recently who wanted to paddle down the Darling River but couldn't remember or pronounce half of the place names along it. But I forget that there are a hell of a lot of people out there these days who really cannot read or write or spell very well at all! It doesn't hurt to do a litt
  5. Hi guys and girls! I would like to pick your brains! A new website is being put together for us here at Kilcowera Station. Now I know that some of you have been here and others of you fly around the countryside for fun. Could you please tell me what sort of search terms you use on the internet when looking for places to land and stay at on your trips away? Your input will be greatly appreciated. Cheers Toni
  6. A recent flight from my place Kilcowera Station to Quilpie ( all in SW QLD ) took just over 3 hours in my 1997 CA 25N Skyfox. Was flying to Quilpie to have a new engine put in my plane. The return trip took 70 minutes! Gotta hate head winds! I wish - still it wouldn't be too good for mustering!
  7. A recent flight saw me going from Kilcowera Station where I live to Quilpie to get a new engine put into my 1997 CA 25N Skyfox. It took me a little over 3 hours to get there and just a little over 1 hour on the way home! Hate those head winds!!! Cheers Toni
  8. Hi there just wanted to let all of you know that there has been some great rain in western QLD, lots of rivers have run, there is a green shoot everwhere and some of the more opportunistic wildflowers are already producing! Now we'll just keep our fingers crossed for some follow up please! The birds here at Kilcowera are just loving the influx of water, insects and flowers too. And our lagoon is full again - time to launch the kayak! With binoculars in one hand and the camera in the other of course! It's the best time for a fly around after some rain, the countryside just sparkles! Cheer
  9. Subject: LETTER FROM AN AUSTRALIAN CATTLE STATION PILOT. Dear Bill, I'm writing to you because I need your help to get me flamin' pilot's licence back. You keep telling me you got all the right contacts. Well now's your chance to make something happen for me because, mate, I'm bloody desperate. But first, I'd better tell you what happened during my last flight review with the CASA Examiner. On the phone, Ron (that's the CASA feller), seemed a reasonable sort of a bloke. He politely reminded me of the need to do a flight review every two years. He even offered to drive out, have a look
  10. This stall warning topic really got everyone going! I personally appreciate the thing going off when I'm mustering in my gazelle. A lot of the time it's concentration and eyes out of the aircraft, flying by the seat of your pants as I am keeping track of the stock. Stall waning going off while I'm in a tight turn is very helpful, it's just automatic - either a bit of nose down or more power or both. Can any one tell me what a 1996 gazelle is worth these days. It's nearly due for a new engine.
  11. As a matter of supreme interest how much did you get for the gazelle? Cheers
  12. Well thank you, I could add a few more but don't want my halo to choke me! Interesting about the skyfoxes considering the company went overseas years ago. My little cutie is nearly due for a new engine. I love it , it's great to fly around the property.
  13. I wonder how many Skyfoxes are still flying around? And is Coastal Aviation the best to go to for parts? I could not recomend Gympie, in my experience they were totally unreliable. Zenonie
  14. We have a bloke up the road who has been flying one mustering for about 25 years. He swears by it, hasn't had any accidents in it either. He also had a drifter for a few years but sold it. Zenonie.
  15. Hi Dazza, our youngest daughter flies the same route every second wednesday too, works for Santos out of Roma.
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