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  1. Just getting back onto topic, I heard this morning that there was a brand new rotor mast found sitting on the workbench of their hangar. I guess the significance of this will be determined by the investigators in due course.
  2. Victa Airtourer 115 at Darwin Aero club in 1970. $15 an hour (dual and solo). My instructor was Geoff Chapman and the examiner was club CFI "Johnno" Johnson, an ex fleet air arm pilot. The 115 I did most of my training in, VH-DAM, was destroyed in cyclone Tracy, Xmas eve 1974. I did my licence test in VH-APV which was also damaged in the cyclone but I believe it was subsequently rebuilt.
  3. That was a particularly tragic case for all concerned. The engineer who fabricated the part exactly in accordance with the approved E.O. later committed suicide after the lawyers tried to blame him for the fatal crash. He was a very likeable, hard working, fastidious worker but the stress of litigation took it's toll.
  4. The rego of the Southern Cloud was VH-UMF. I didn't know this at the time I bought a 1976 Beech C23 Sundowner which was also VH-UMF. I owned that aircraft for nearly five years in the mid 80's. I have no idea where it is now. John.
  5. The ground temperature on the day was around 41 degrees, so there's a density altitude issue involved as well.
  6. While it may look like a collision, the Mallard is very much larger than the Cessna Caravan float plane therefore the Caravan (which appears to be larger) is much closer to the camera.
  7. The diecast aluminium scissor links on the PA-28 series aircraft are known for cracking at the upper (or lower) bolt holes. This almost happened to me around 1976.
  8. I need a rear main connector for a Narco Escort II Nav/Com. It is a 13 pin white Molex single row edge connector similar in appearance to a Com II or COM 120 connector. Perhaps someone may have something suitable lying around in a junk box. If you have one, please advise price. It doesn't have to be new. Thanks, John.
  9. Bill , have you changed a headset, or had a mic changed on one of your headsets. If the two mics are perfectly matched, there's usually no problem (except both mics will be picking up cockpit noise). If there is an imbalance between the mics, one will "load" the other and you will have problems. MGL's suggestion should do the trick. Good luck! John
  10. That's great news Bill. I've found the MGL people to be very helpful and that's why my project will have MGL gear. John
  11. Hi skeptic36, It would seem your two headset mics are wired simply in parallel. Sometimes, one mic will load the other resulting in degraded performance. If possible, use a pair of relays controlled by each PTT switch so that the other mic audio line is opened when the pilot is TXing and vice versa when the PAX is TXing. John (retired avionics LAME).
  12. Hi Kevin, Looking fantastic and will be watching eagerly for your first flight reports. Sadly, mine hasn't been touched since my domestic situation changed nearly a year ago but I now have my house on the market and looking for a smaller place with a large shed. Saw one today that excites me ... just have to get a nibble at my present house!
  13. Looking great Kevin! Can't wait to see pics of the finished product! Mine is very much on the back burner due to a domestic meltdown and I have to sell my house and buy another one with a big shed. At this stage I'm looking forward to 2016! John.