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  1. Thanks Peter and Frank, hopefully Bernieh is following this thread.
  2. Bernieh, the closest instructor I could find a few months ago was Mal Christie at Watts Bridge just out of Toogoolawah. Someone else may have started to instruct up north since then, lets hope so. Cheers Tim
  3. Thanks Nashy, good to see some more in the country. I hit the wrong key in the previous post, fuel burn should be 15 lph , will go up once I start taking passengers. Cheers Tim
  4. Have eventually got about 10 hours on the Steel Breeze. Some minor adjustments of the riser positions (from factor setting ) to get straight flight, using 52" and 48" risers. Climb is good with 1 bum (90kg), full fuel (45ltrs) and nil wind about 500 fpm with a box 500 wing, can cruise level at 4950 rpm (582 blue head),GSC prop set at 13 degrees, burning around 12 lph. It has made me a much better weather reader in a very short time. Will try and add a couple of short you tube clips, not much and quality is not very good. Best in full screen. Cheers Tim
  5. Found some of the old girl.
  6. Thanks for the info vanderlay. If my memory is correct BJL only had about 4500 TT when we sold her, not much for a 1969 model.
  7. Had a look at the photo, she's had a paint job and new prop. Bit rough calling it a hack. Thanks Sue.
  8. Thanks rgmwa, forgot about the register, thats a start, see where we end up.
  9. Not sure if I,m in the right thread but will try. Sold my C-182 BJL in May 1995 to a sky diving crew from some where in NSW. Its a long shot but just wondering if anyone may have seen the old girl or even jumped out of it. Cheers Tim
  10. Thanks GG, the change at the top may help, time will tell. Deskpilot, yes it is a GSC 64 inch wooden prop and is ground adjustable, running it at 12.5 degrees at the moment and I am getting 6300 rpm tops on the ground. From what I can find out this about right and will get some more rpm once air bourne. paulh hope I never have to test out the frame work. The other good thing about the tandem setup is we do not have to worry about CofG, either one up or two and fuel etc. Cheers Tim
  11. Finished Steel Breeze, engine has a couple of hours on it, off to get my licence on the 6th June at Watts Bridge.
  12. Thanks Nashy, the next steps may take a while to get it registered etc, still to get my licence so there is no rush. Will be had with it sitting in the shed ready to go though.
  13. Have been waiting on a couple of parts from the States which have arrived so have done a little more, nearly ready to weigh and a engine to run in.
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