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  1. Just wondering if other's have good acronyms they use when flying? For example I use CGUMPS which I know is pretty common. I trained in a c152 so the acronym goes as follows (for those that don't know it) for a landing sequence. C - carb heat on G - gas on U - undercarriage (for me it's just welded) M - mixture full rich mixture P - power. Pull back to your appropriate Level S - switches. Check the panel and flaps when in green. Anyone have any other good ones?
  2. I wish! But no. It's an old work ID that is easy for me to remember . . . Thanks all for the welcome. Looking forward to learning more.
  3. Good afternoon, My name is Jack. Got my ticket about four years ago at KVBT in AR. Moved to PA shortly after and haven't flown since. I'm a 70 hour guy and really just want to start flying again, which is how I stumbled upon this site. I'd love suggestions on knocking the rust off if anyone has some. Going to set up some time with an instructor at KBVI. Also need to get my medical. And then I'm going to jump on IFR and increase my time. Eventually hopefully either own or time share a bird too. Looking forward to learning and hearing from people. Thanks!!! Jack
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