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  1. cherk

    Engine Exhausting

    Well , this is for the engine knowledgeable. I've been tooling around with a flat 4 ( well known brand) engine for education reasons ; replaced exhaust valves ( hand lapped) into recut seats. Compression "seems" much improved , on pull thru ( not leak down tested ,at this stage). Here's the query, pulling through on the exhaust stroke the exhaust is sucking in prior to the actual exhaust ........as if the exhaust valve opens maybe 10 -15 degrees before the piston hits BDC. Is this typical or "normal" or is the timing of the cam misaligned?? The case has not been split as only the top end has been worked on.
  2. cherk

    Hello Fellow Pilots!

    definitely looks like an early GSC Hawk............CGS Hawk Ultralight Aircraft | Kitplane
  3. Try Chrome Moly, Aluminium, Stainless Steel & Titanium Supplier Melbourne minimum order ~~ $100
  4. cherk


    Thanks, I'll give them a call; I had spotted them but was unsure as they are based in Cairns ! ( opposite side of the universe ! )
  5. cherk


    Thanks.......tried that , but no go .
  6. cherk


    Just wondering users' experience and suggestions welcomed. I need to get Hangar Owners insurance and public liability for a new hangar located at ClareValley Aerodrome. Clare Valley Aerodrome - Home
  7. cherk

    Looking for trip ideas - QLD

    Renowned...........watch out for ferris wheels !
  8. cherk

    Wiring an instrument panel

  9. cherk

    New battery

    Maybe Clock ( if fitted) or charge current for electrolytic noise suppression capacitor ( if fitted) ??
  10. cherk

    Question about corrosion protection

    Allan in Bendigo has "CORTEC"........non toxic , water based or thinned with metho (dries quicker)
  11. cherk

    Bloody Jetstar

    ???29 degrees ??
  12. cherk

    Bloody Jetstar

    Wind at 270 / 35Kts on 25 = Headwind of 33Kt and 12Kt X-wind from the right. at 270 / 25Kts on 25 = headwind of 23 Kts and 9 Kt X-wind ( still from the right )
  13. Jab ? Zenith ?
  14. Hi...you kindly responded to my call for aircraft purchase suggestions and recommended the Jabiru 230. I see you have one, and also a Zenith 601...the Zenith was suggested to me and I am aware of one for sale...can I get your comments comparing the two aircraft? Adam
  15. cherk

    What to buy?

    G'day Kiter, quite a few J230's ( Jabiru ) available on the market at the moment