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  1. G'day Roscoe, is the power req'd 12 or 24 volt; tx ok?
  2. Link is only good for AFR subscribers ..........NBG for plebs like me!
  3. Hi Michael,   congratulations on you superb build.

    Can you share details of the radiator your'e using for the EJ22?

  4. keep the Blue on top and the Brown on the bottom !
  5. cherk


  6. Having similar issues ! Hope it works for you, Bloody nice work there Skee.
  7. I would suggest talking to the bods at Gawler , ( ASC , AdelaideSoaringClub). CFI for LSA was Karl Faith , I was a member till some time ago . The great advantage of the club membership is that your training is wet hire of club aircraft . Instruction is included with club membership . A good crowd of top class volunteers.
  8. Saw a post on another forum , just a couple of days ago , from him ( under a different pseudonym)......keeping a low profile ?
  9. G'day Keith, do you have Bill's contact details to get hold of these CDs'.............??
  10. The whole site update looks great here and works really well................then there is always BUT,,,,,,,,,my ignore list (although active) .....doesn't - FIXED (see next post)
  11. Pretty sad really...........should be hung in the terminal building........ala European style !
  12. No worries franco you keep on proving it . I'd be a bit careful with the diesel though, the sulphur in it will bite into even 316. maybe RP7 or our own invention , WD40 soaked into the cloth .
  13. "Franco Airlines.... the 5 star outfit in the North. " Couldn't agree more, FH.
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