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  1. Let me just correct an typing error in my previous post: "The bellcrank on which the aileron bellcrank ....." Should have read: "The rib on which the aileron bellcrank ......"
  2. The answer to the original question is no, most LSA's without mass balance cannot be guaranteed to be flutter free with slack control cables. The basic problem is that the flutter requirements in ASTM F2245 are poorly written. Perhaps they were written by those with a vested interest in an easy and cheap path to compliance (remember this is a concensus standard written by a committee including manufacturers) or it might simply be that those who wrote the requirements simply didn't understand flutter. Probably a combination of both. Most LSA's are certificated for flutter via flight test. The e
  3. Hi M61A1 ...... Thanks for taking the time to do this .... I really appreciate it. No appologies necessary for the drawing - it has all the info I need. RG
  4. Hello, This might seem like a strange question ... but can anyone tell me how wide the sheet metal part of a Drifter fuselage is where the seats are attached ..... Also (but not as important) what is the thickness of the sheet metal. Thanks, RG
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