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  1. Thanks to both of you I am now more satisfied that this is a good idea! it was the fact that I built a XL and found that was comfortable so reluctance to change showed its head but I have no choice as the kit is only for adjustable! cheers rod
  2. Has anyone fitted adjustable seats in the S series? If so a comment on its effectiveness and build would be appreciated.
  3. Rodr

    Rotax 912

    Thanks guys it’s just what I wanted to hear having had twoULS and no problems it makes a lot of sense. Yes I bought the twin throttle cable from aircraft spruce back in 2011 on the first Sav XL wouldn’t use anything else cannot understand why ICP continue with that horrible setup. Cheers
  4. Rodr

    Rotax 912

    Building my second Savannah this being a S series question what model of the Rotax 912 is everyone buying using comments on carby versus injection would be app ?
  5. That's the idea maybe someone to manufacture a clear piece with the concave form. Could use a hole either round or semi round with the piece slightly larger circumference and have a couple of snap in levers to hold in place.
  6. Maybe consider a smaller window opening than the first post with similar mechanics , problem you would have a hinge in the top section of the door that would be visible continuously something about the size of a iPad mini not sure how well the hinge would cooperate with that small curve. I fly with door removed for any specific photo shoots as we don't do it that often.
  7. Rodr

    Savannah battery

    Thanks fellas that will give me something to chase ,have been using the one that came in the kit about 6yrs ago! Still working "but"
  8. Rodr

    Savannah battery

    wondering what type and manufacturer of battery most are using buying here in oz for the Sav 912 Rotax
  9. We have a similar problem in and around port Lincoln 128.0 with coffin bay now not on map requiring all aircraft in and out of Coffin bay on area freq combined with many local strips in between. This is now causing radio silence whereas 126.7 we all communicated without fear of near miss incidents. We don't want to be transmitting on area as the jet jocks above are busy enough with pos reporting for entry to Adelaide . So fix the stuff-up!
  10. Yes as you say the wood looks the part but it was too fine and have tried to tickle it up a bit more coarse then had a good time balancing , just got too hard and I thought the the VP prop didn't look too bad certainly works much better,was advised the the 76" was too big for the 912 and the 74 " was at its limit for performance, not being a prop builder I cannot argue .
  11. Built from a Fisher kit R-80 tiger moth replica have just completed the 25hrs testing all good changed prop from the wood 76" to a composite ground adjustable 74" made a hellava diff in performance now 70kts at 5200rpm Rotax 912uls.
  12. From Univar aircraft corp USA part no U0450279 check out there site lots of small spinners for Cessna This was just called " small Cessna spinner" Cheers
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