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  1. Hmmm gen 4 would be right with flywheel bolts but valves? I'd still be changing them if they are the same type. Valves (exhaust) are the weakest point of a jab engine regardless of its generation. They simply get too hot and stretch and weaken. This takes around 300-400 hours to find out. Maybe the water cooled heads fix the heat problem but introduces other problems. I think the valves need to be of a better material.
  2. My 2c on jab engines. Replace exhaust valves every 300-400 hours max and ensure you replace your flywheel bolts. Those two items alone will save you a lot of grief.
  3. I've seen worse jab crashes that had been rebuilt. Very happy the occupants are ok.
  4. quentas

    Flywheel bolts

    If your 3300 has done 500 hours or more, it's time to change the flywheel bolts! I almost learnt the hard way (bolts snapped whilst at idle on ground) if they snap in the air, it's very messy. The torque test of the glued in bolts is rather useless. The bolts tend to break above the lock tight or the head. Getting them out for the new Nordlock washer setup is an interesting procedure. Leave it to the experts. Exhaust valves and flywheel bolts, the two items in a jab motor that can ruin you day real fast.
  5. I agree. Jabiru suggested I had a prop strike. You think you'd know if that happened? I think they have nasty harmonics running all along the crank? If you own a Jab, next time you are doing run ups, try and get some light glinting of the back of the prop and rev slowly from 900 to around 1500 rpm. Look at the 11 o'clock position on the prop 'disk'. Tell me what you see
  6. Sb released october 2015. Im guessing after a spate of failures?
  7. Change your flywheel bolts ASAP if you have done 500 or more hours. I learnt the hard way. Luckily I was on the ground idling when it happened. It's a big messy job to change them when some of the bolts have already snapped above the lock tite. Sticking your finger in the rear or checking they are loose with a torque wrench is pointless.
  8. the whole story smells of bull shit to me.
  9. The canopy had already partly departed. He had a battle just to get it back under some control. He's a friend of mine and I'm sad for the loss of the aircraft as he's been waiting ages for various bits from overseas but then I'm happy he's walked away pretty much uninjured.
  10. I feel there may be a glimmer of hope as 1. He's not in the plane and 2. I've seen jabs smashed to bits and pilots get away with comparatively few injuries.
  11. When you get the hang of it, you can do touch and goes in a 230 without the nose wheel touching the deck.
  12. Has anybody heard more about this crash? I guess the following sums it up? Summary The ATSB has commenced an investigation into a collision with an airfield structure involving a Cessna C206, VH-TND at Rawnsley Park, South Australia on 2 August 2014. The Cessna 206 was conducting a scenic flight from Rawnsley Park ALA. There was a pilot and two passengers on board. The pilot approached to land in windy conditions. Just after touchdown, the aircraft drifted across the runway, and the pilot initiated a missed approach. During the missed approach, the aircraft struck the wind sock and then collided with terrain. One passenger sustained minor injuries and the aircraft was substantially damaged. As part of the investigation, the ATSB will be interviewing the pilot and passengers, obtaining weather data, and an operator report. A report will be released within several months.
  13. Calling it a Cessna takes the heat off maybe? Glad they are ok.
  14. quentas

    J230 with Lycoming

    Has anybody here been for a ride in the lyco jabs?
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