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  1. paul_5666

    Headset upgrade

    I got the Headsets inc kit self-fitted to the Rec Flying headsets and I think they work really well.
  2. paul_5666

    The real RA Aus to PPL conversion deal

    I am also trying to do a conversion. Still working on nav endorsement so will transfer that later. Need to organise asic, medical and English assessment.
  3. paul_5666

    The real RA Aus to PPL conversion deal

    CASA have updated form 61-1RTX for transfer of RAAus RPC to the CASA RPL. Most significant change is that you don't need instrument time for the navigation endorsement transfer which is in contradiction with CASR 61.500 5c, a bit strange. The list of design feature endorsements has also been shortened, presumably because a few of them didn't exist in the RA world.
  4. Haha, touche. Did my medical today, now just need to anxiously wait for CASA to say yes/no! It was overall a nice painless experience =)
  5. Hi all, I'm a new pilot starting out and trying to find the money to pay for everything is difficult so trying to find the best deal wherever possible. There is not that much information on which DAMEs are good/affordable so I rang every DAME's office and got their prices for the no-frills medical (I think I got all of them, I did avoid the Shire though, it's a bit out of the way for me, there is no conspiracy!). Most said that additional tests which are clinically indicated like ECGs and bloods would be extra. There is quite some variation in price so make sure you shop around. I have compiled a list of the prices as quoted to me, current as of today. I make no guarantees to its accuracy and it is merely a guide published in good faith. You should still call the DAME's office to clarify the prices. Hopefully this will make your life easier if you need to get a medical in the future! Not sure how to go about updating the list over time though, maybe someone has ideas? p.s. I will be going for my medical at Sydney Aviation Medical centre in the city with Dr Bhatt. Her prices are very reasonable (price included the spirometry which I require as an asthmatic, some places wanted an extra $45). Have also heard good things about the doc on other forums. Sydney DAMEs.docx