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  1. Happily not very common but one here https://www.caa.govt.nz/assets/legacy/Accidents_and_Incidents/Accident_Reports/ZK-ZXL_Fatal.pdf John
  2. Sounds plausible to me Mike - have a great flight ! Cheers John
  3. If you are within 10nm of Tangalooma you should be on 126.7 - the airfield is marked on the charts and its the freq the helicopter joy flights from the resort will be using. Likewise within 10nm of Kooringal (Baroco). But I've heard traffic from as far south as Amity making calls on Caboolture CTAF so I wouldnt assume everybody else is following the rules !
  4. Fixing URL / text mismatch so link for the Secondhand Trike Guide works www.caboolturemicrolights.com.au/ Cheers John PS thanks to Cosmic for spotting it !
  5. I would recommend getting a copy of the Secondhand Trike Guide from www.caboolturemicrolights.com.au Cheers John
  6. The 2xxx and 6xxx ranges are assigned to HGFA for trikes registered with them Cheers John
  7. Sorry that you are giving away RAAus Shags (I was about to PM you re flying again as my situation has recently changed). Re your question - I've never seen a legal definition of "ultralight" (or "microlight" for that matter). However the title of CAO 95.55 includes the words "certain ultralight aeroplanes" so it could be argued that the specifications within are the definition. On that basis you would be covered flying GA but definitely worth checking as I've seen many policies which don't cover any aviation other than scheduled passenger flights Cheers John
  8. Flying instructor is not a job for people who like flying - its a job for people who like people Cheers John
  9. A new low on YCAB CTAF this morning - a 172 called taxiing from hangar to fuel bowser FFS Cheers John
  10. Enstone isn't far away Enstone Microlights Phil Reed Quality Pilot and Instructor Training
  11. No it doesn't. 3axis and weightshift are different aircraft Groups. A Jabiru and a Sonex are the same aircraft Group (3axis) but not the same aircraft Type. See the definitions section of the Ops manual. Cheers John
  12. RAAus Ops Manual 2.07 para 3c requires "appropriate Type Training" John
  13. For RAAus aircraft it is specified in the Operations manual Cheers John
  14. There are few, if any, COMCO aircraft here as they are limited to 450kg. Ultralights here can be flown up to 600kg MTOW hence there is a much wider selection of possible aircraft and the C-42 would, frankly, have limited appeal. Nevertheless it does meet the BCAR-S standard to be able to fly in the UK and that's accepted here so they would be able to register it with RAAus as an "ultralight". Whether importing it would be a sensible decision or not ........ Cheers John
  15. Airborne fit Microair radio and external Lynx intercoms to pretty much all their trikes Cheers John
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