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  1. Try out back fuel planning search on this site member JG3.
  2. JG3 on this site would be a big help to you on this subject
  3. CLAYT

    Lightspeed Zulu 3

    I have the d/c 10-13.4s and I’ll keep them for pax as they still do the job. Worked well in the Lightwing I had but the Hornet Cub I have now the mic is activating the intercom from engine/ airframe noise when over 5000 rpm ( 912(uls). The intercom which is built into the Icom a220 vhf and I’ve tried all the different settings (mic gain/squelch ect) to no avail and tried the Bose A20 also and same result and that’s why I’m looking at the Zulu 3 with the different mic set up as I still need another headset. I know jack $h/t about avionics so hoping one you tech gurus maybe able to help.
  4. CLAYT

    Lightspeed Zulu 3

    Thanks Mate will try and get in and show you the new plane and try your headsets. Was that you that paid me a visit at our new block a few weeks ago?
  5. CLAYT

    Lightspeed Zulu 3

    Thanks for the reply Roscoe. I’ve been tossing up between the L/S 3 and the Bose A20 b/t but the L/S 3 seem better value. I have flown with the Bose but not the Lightspeed.
  6. Looking at updating my headsets to the Lightspeed Zulu 3 and was wondering if anyone has a set and their opinion on them?
  7. CLAYT

    Arnhem Land

    Looking forward to read (and photos) about your last adventure on your site JG.
  8. CLAYT

    What`s Happening???

    Sorry you have lost a mate Frank and no doubt a hard time for all involved. Regards Clayt.
  9. CLAYT

    Tell us about your last flight

    That was supposed to be donk in it . Clayt.
  10. CLAYT

    Tell us about your last flight

    Imagine 8367 with that Doncaster in it . Clayt
  11. CLAYT

    GA-912 oil tank location?

    Doug Evans (on this forum)has a 55-GA912 so he maybe able to help. As for draining the oil have you tried releasing the rudder pedal springs and laying the pedals flat on the floor.Clayt
  12. CLAYT

    What radiator hose for Rotax 912

    G'day Peter, I got one hose from Repco and the other from a Mackay rubber catalogue (360 pages to find the right one). I wrote the numbers down in the maintenance log but the aircraft has been sold. I just took the hoses with me to town and got the right bends ect and cut them to length. I have not seen one Lightwing Rotax installation the exactly the same so it is not as easy as just ordering one off the shelf. Regards Clayt.
  13. CLAYT

    The wierdest thing....Canberra

    . I can relate to that one Planedriver,about 27 years ago I was in a mustering (cattle) camp 150 km NW of Camooweal and while lying in my swag at about 8.30pm (NT time) looking into the west I could see this light dancing around on the horizon and my first thought was its a minmin light but I kept it to myself (in case I had a touch of the sun) but the same time the next night there it was again.This went on for about 3 nights until I pointed it out to the mustering pilot and he studied it for a bit and advised me it was the evenings star (I felt a fool). It's amazing the optical illusion it gives on the Barkley Tableland horizon at nighttime with a slight breeze blowing. I didn't get a cent either. CV.
  14. CLAYT

    Propeller manufacture in OZ

    It's great to see on this site that someone knows what an adze is and what it is used for!
  15. CLAYT

    Show us your lightwing

    Is it an 80 or 100 hp?