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  1. Here's the quote, "A pair of glass screens provide the VFR instrumentation, set on the utilitarian grey instrument panel."
  2. It's been reported previously that they are glass panel equipped,but i'll need to check on that.
  3. My 230b No6 runs 248F/118C ,i thought that was cool but 90C,i would have thought impossible for an air cooled motor,good idea to change over those probes.
  4. Do these EFIS panels work out last light?I would presume trip was in the GPS as William ck-Leigh ck.And give a passive warning on known cruising speed versus approaching last light for destination,followed by a loud WARNING WARNING.At least this poor woman would have had some control of the approaching situation.
  5. Thanks for the replies all,17-18 lph that's very good i'm not seeing that.Lame up here suggests straight Aeroshell 100 with Camguard added same as he uses on Cessnas etc that they routinely service.
  6. coinz


  7. Well,since this post is about improving Jab reliability ,my 3300 is coming up to oil change time and was going to change up to Aeroshell W100 +,after using the recommended straight W100 due to the new barrels and pistons being fitted.Now knowing these oils are considered as just "hinge oil"in the "air cooled" motorcycle world (i used to own a Commando) i would be interested to hear from anyone successfully using higher grade oils in there Jabirus . If you're inclined to follow up on the link of the oil tests it's 51 pages,but he seems to have done a pretty good job of it. Follower scar oil tests
  8. Just came in from Middlemount this morning,Peabody energy appear to be very good with there Rehab work,Coppabella mine tailings dumps look nearly like a natural rising ground with extensive grass and trees planted.That's what i could see from the road anyway,behind that??This country is not in the same league as down in NSW,absolutely beautiful country side being dug up there,
  9. Saw a GPS elt in BFC the other day for $349.Not sure of it's suitability for aircraft though.I need one also incoming weeks.
  10. I have to say i'm not 100% happy with the fuel line installation on the 230.Hose and clamps,4 of them in the engine compartment, hard to completely cover them with Red ? Would unions be a safer setup? and maybe stainless braiding. Colin
  11. The Orenda OE600 was another car based motor with lots of interest that didn't quite stack up.Lots of interest even from some Ag cirles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orenda_OE600
  12. coinz

    Fuel Draining Jab 230c

    Downunder, you're a treasure Hopefully our local performance shops here in Mackay can source that Gates fuel hose. cheers colin
  13. coinz

    Fuel Draining Jab 230c

    While we're on this subject of running on 98 mogas,has anyone noticed a petrol smell which is absent using only avgas. It's only present on opening the door of the 230 in the morning and quickly disappears.Have removed the header tank under the seat and fitted fuel proof (yellow) thread tape and fitted new red plastic fuel lines,can't feel any wetness on any of the fuel lines but this fuel smell is persistently there every morning. Colin
  14. I presume Jab's new allow barrels will cool down much faster than the old steel ones. Bit of a joke really,as the engine they based the Jabiru on,the KFM had Alloy cylinders ,actually the cyl and head were one piece too.And all these Jabiru high temps probably would never had occurred.I guess the steel cyls were added due to economies. colin
  15. Time to start buying??
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