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  1. coinz

    Fuel Draining Jab 230c

    While we're on this subject of running on 98 mogas,has anyone noticed a petrol smell which is absent using only avgas. It's only present on opening the door of the 230 in the morning and quickly disappears.Have removed the header tank under the seat and fitted fuel proof (yellow) thread tape and fitted new red plastic fuel lines,can't feel any wetness on any of the fuel lines but this fuel smell is persistently there every morning. Colin
  2. I presume Jab's new allow barrels will cool down much faster than the old steel ones. Bit of a joke really,as the engine they based the Jabiru on,the KFM had Alloy cylinders ,actually the cyl and head were one piece too.And all these Jabiru high temps probably would never had occurred.I guess the steel cyls were added due to economies. colin
  3. Interest must have waned,i can't understand how such a simple plane isn't offered as a put together kit,or is it? colin
  4. They offered a high performance model at some stage using a VW motor but it appears all production has stopped.Nor sure why. Colin
  5. Is the Backyard flyer available over here?Don't those single seat versions sound out of this world.Brilliant folding wing principle. I want one cheers colin
  6. Good question in one paragraph "....and now we have an ageing aircraft problem.", and a couple of paras later "We have a relatively young fleet of airctaft" Surely we would know? Relative to GA plane fleet ??
  7. Yes bandit,new cyls (alloy) and strip and paint being done over there.Original steel Cyls (248 hours) were rusted,cleaned up ok but turned out to be pitted. colin
  8. Yes it was the J230 at Narembeen,part of a deceased estate tidy up.Got it for $12k as it needs a respray and yes the cyls will come off for a check.It's being taken care of right now.As far as i know it was in the hanger for 3 years untouched.Having no experience with Jabs one of the things i was surprised at was how cool the wings remained even when we had taken it out of the hanger into the direct WA sun for a few hours,i expected them to be really hot but they were not.Thanks to those who phoned with advice, cheers colin
  9. Hello Jabiru owners,I'm looking for a L2 in the Meriden (wa) area to help out in getting this Jab back in the air after a long period of inactivity in a hanger.Best to just give me a call on 0403766088 or SMS,Colin
  10. Yes Bex,thinking of you and your Mum,all the best,colin
  11. Bex,i went through Ross racing pistons in the US,others had been using them and they were recommended.They phoned me back and discussed the drawings i had sent them,so i ordered a set.The machine work ,has to be seen,lightening done on inside crown too. I have to agree these engines appear to be unstressed,2 weeks ago i stood not 20 meters from a jabiru leaving the ground on takeoff,(Palmira) delightfully quite engine,so unstressed.Pistons shouldn't be breaking up in this day and age,i take workers out to mines,gensets (Perkins) run 50,000 hours + with no more than oil changes,because they're designed correctly. cheers colin
  12. Having pistons made up these days is simplicity itself,i've done it for motorcycle pistons.Usually a minimum of 4 are supplied.And you can go back in 6 months and have that piston exactly replicated,just quote the build number and they punch that into there computer and that's that,identical pistons to the originals.Is there any reason owners shouldn't be fitting forged pistons in these 4 cylinder motors,and are the 6 's susceptible also. Also +040" pistons suggest heavy piston,not ideal. cheers colin
  13. This thing about the video being shot in portrait may not be his fault,i had some video's of my Supapup but after my laptop came back from a repairer they are all in Portrait too,and i haven't been able to change them back. cheers colin