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  1. Nice pics Darren! Thanks for sharing them.
  2. Welcome Nigel! You're just up the road from me too (Moyhu here..right under the flight path!) :) Enjoy TAA
  3. Thanks for sharing the pics! Good choice of shots and great range of craft and themes...most enjioyed!
  4. Hadn't seen you online for ages Robbo so suspected you had won!! :) That A 380 Monday/ Wednesday flight sounds like a good one to be on!
  5. Thanks Dave..excellent. Have the trip almost planned out..just waiting on Tattersalls to do the right thing to pay for the ticket now! :)
  6. Thanks Dave..very helpful information. I'm guessing the A 380 would return on Mondays and Wednesdays too as they arrive at 7.30 a.m same day into LAX ? Thats helpful information if one definitely wants to try the new plane and can plan ahead around those days. Appreciated Dave. Tim
  7. Hi all..can anyone please help with information. If I were to fly to LAX USA from Melbourne, which flight number is the A 380 and which versions of the 747 also fly the routes and on which flight numbers? Specifically thinking of QF 93 from Melbourne but other flights too..Thanks . Tim
  8. Tim E


    Very sharp Chainy! As sharp as the Crakerbarrel cheese in the fridge here! My other one is VH-AXE !
  9. Tim E


    Similar to yours Chainy but one letter different! VH-MOO here ! Lots of cows down this way! They come up to the fence and look at me as if to say."Whats that idiot doing chopping down our dinner!" :biggrin: No worries..will catch you at some stage..
  10. Tim E


    ZK-ZQB. I thought that was the reg number of your ride on mower Chainy..or did I get that wrong? Was wondering what it was doing up there in the sky on P/Plotter! Thought maybe you had put in aviation fuel or BP Vroom insead of unleaded? :biggrin:
  11. Thanks Darren! Yes really enjoying it and learning heaps! Being under the Mel -Sydney flight path makes it really worthwhile..great to be having a coffee and watching it on screen and then taking 5 steps outdoors with the binocs! ..and much more accurate than the Melair.com radar. Still have one problem to sort though.. my time alert problem has returned..fixed it by adjusting the seconds on my computer clock and it fixed it..then mysteriously two days later it returned out of the blue but when i checked my clock and the minutes and seconds p/p clock are almost exact to within 1/2/to one se
  12. Tim E


    Finding more and more as I go Chainy! So much helpful and informative..crikey..I wouldnt be suprised in a year or two to find flight menus from every flight tracked and seat placements with names on any and every plane!!..Maybe even what brand of teabag the captain has in his post take off cuppa! Amazing what one can find these days so it will continue to get more amazing as we go ..!
  13. Tim E


    Thanks Chainy..excellent!
  14. Tim E


    Thanks Chainy! Very useful link there too!
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