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  1. To my fellow RAAus members, Over the past few days an issue has played out on social media that should never have occurred in the first instance. The Board of Directors of the RAAus have presided over a situation in which our association has elected to register a trademark over a marketing slogan that is clearly, identifiably and unambiguously associated with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia as well as the international chapters of the same organisation and has been used by those organisations as early as 1949. The response online by both RAAus members and aviatio
  2. Oscar, I hate to say it but you are showing your ignorance of the use of the BRS in the Cirrus (and any other aircraft for that matter). I suggest having a look at the COPA site as it explains the rationale and thinking behind its use and when to pull it. It has got nothing to do with the " other aircraft routinely recover from using standard techniques". If you think there is a standard recovery technique from a spin (PARE) that works all the time in every aircraft I suggest you never get into a spin and perhaps fly the Cirrus as you are setting yourself up to be a statistic. There is n
  3. Oscar, What are the basic faults of the aircraft? Cheers CB
  4. Geez Oscar, I said I was nowhere near the reports. I am sure a bit of googlefu will turn it up for you, or go straight to the NTSB website. Self help and all. But you seem to be making a classical mistake. It has nothing to do with the aircraft, the aircraft is sound, inherently safe and extremely crashworthy, the crash rate has been shown with Cirrus it has everything to do with the pilots. Prior to 2011 pilots were not formally trained how and when to use the CAPS. Post 2011 when Cirrus implemented the training there has been a massive reaction in fatal accidents. The same thing happened
  5. Yep was released earlier this year and quoted in the aviation rags. I think Cirrus is now just lower than c172 IIRC. massive turn around for them since 2012 when they introduced a new training methodology. There was also an article in Flying or Plane and Pilot, but not near those at the moment. Cheers CB
  6. Robbo, Just looking back through some old posts and saw this. Did you / have you / are you still looking at an SR22? Noting Cirrus now have the lowest accident rate of any GA aircraft (through targeted training now) and they are an exceptional cross country machine. Where are you looking at putting it online? Cheers CB
  7. Sorry Marty but ALL aircraft design is a compromise. I do agree that there are more compromises because it is one baseline fuselage with three designs. But your statement that "you can't design one airframe... And expect it to have the same performance..." Is based on 80's thinking and knowledge of airframe design. You statement about retrofitting an existing airframe for the stuff I mentioned is categorically incorrect. Individual sensors can certainly be retrofitted, multiple sensors can be retrofitted, but they would never achieve what the JSF does in terms of fusion of all of these capab
  8. People need to get it out of their heads that this is "just" a Hornet replacement. It is far far more than that. It is a sensor, communications, intelligence, surveillance, weapons delivery platform as well as being a fighter aircraft. There is literally nothing like this thing either flying or on the drawing board in the Weast OR East (that we know about anyway). If the F22 is Gen 5, this thing is Gen 5.6 and has the ability for major upgrades as electonical thingies continue to evolve. So much so that Air Forces at this stage are only now developing the doctrine and how to use this platfo
  9. "I've heard..." I will just leave that there. Cheers CB
  10. Maybe I have drunk too much JSF cool aid. The F35 will be a great platform. Its biggest hurdle is getting enough information out the to appease the populace that this weapons and sensor system really is worth the cost, noting that nearly all its capabilities are classified so we will never know its true capabilities. I look at this this way. It has bipartisan support in our parliament, and all the people who know more than me and will use this in their daily job, to a person, say "this thing will rock". So I am comfortable with that and treat most other comments as space fillers on a slo
  11. Thanks Yen. Will find own of these AP's. I assume you do so through SAAA as it is a VH experimental? Cheers CB
  12. I am just trying to find out now the rule governing mounting cameras externally on experimental category aircraft. I believe it is simply case of making an entry in the AFM but as yet have not been able to confirm. Cheers CB
  13. I forgot to add that quite obviously, I love spins. Those and vertical rolls are my favourite maneuvers. Spins, probably because it seems out of control but I know I have 100% control and vertical rolls because it is a great feeling when you get one exactly on axis and the aircraft keeps going straight up. But I certainly won't treat any spin casually:spot on:. (Not that that was Vans intent with that comment). Cheers CB
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