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  1. Good read there mate, well done! Hopefully the flying on Thursday goes through :)
  2. Nice report their mate, and good choice with watching a few episodes of Flight of the concords! Top show that :D
  3. Thanks a lot for that mate. It looks awesome.
  4. Hey mate, where did you get that picture of the plane courses etc? Is it a screen shot from a live feed somewhere? Sorry for the n00b question :redface:
  5. Nice work Jack! Sounds like you did good there mate, well done! :)
  6. .matt


    Thanks again everyone :) I haven't been posting but I've been reading a lot, very helpful forum with a lot of news so I would just like to say well done to everyone that keeps the forum going :) I live in Sydney btw, Uncle chop chop
  7. Hey guys, I'm 14 and I don't fly and I'm not sure if I will in the future, but I'm interested in maybe doing something involving aviation eg Air traffic controller. But anyway, I have been watching air crash investigation for a year or so now, and recently I've been getting into aviation more and more so I decided to join a forum. This forum looked best out of the few I searched so I decided to join :)
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