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  1. Hi Ian Some sad news "Decca" Derek Cooper passed away peacefully on Wednesday morning His funeral will be on Monday at 11AM Details are in the local paper "The Courier" Regards
  2. Aerovee I have the Waiex with the Aerovee engine that is mentioned. Facthunter may have seen it when it had a faulty coil. When it is tuned correctly it run superbly. The areocarb operation is such that fuel is introduced as soon as the mixture is set to rich so if the engine is not turning the fuel will drip out. The starting procedure is such that as soon as you hit the starter you go from full lean to full rich and the engine will start in one or two turns with no fuel leakage at all Anyone is quite welcome to come and have a look at the installation.Give me a call on 0438508576 if you would like to see it or discuss it more. The Yahoo group on Aerovee is an excellent resource
  3. I have an Aerovee in a Waiex. It seems to be a great engine Check out the Sonex web site as this engine is very popular http://www.sonexaircraft.com
  4. Hi all. I have just imported a complete Waiex (Sonex with V tail) from California. I used C & H freight in Melbourne and it all went well I had it de-winged and packed in a 20 ft container by itself.elorus32 gave a pretty good breakdown You can call me on 0438508576 if you want any more details
  5. Jeffsy


    Hi Brett can I talk to you about the aerovee My phone No. 0438508576thaks
  6. Jeffsy


    Thanks Brentc. My email address is [email protected]
  7. Jeffsy


    will let you know. What are you putting the engine in?
  8. Jeffsy


    Are there other Sonex/Waiex owners out there?. My Waiex should be in the country within 6 weeks. I have purchased it fron California as a complete aircraft with 50 hours on it:laugh:
  9. Hi Ian I am looking at buying a Waiex from California It is flying with about 40 hours on it I will need to have it crated and freighted to Aus Any contacts would be appreciated
  10. Has anyone imported a plane from the States? I would like to know about crating, freight forwarding insurance etc
  11. Jeffsy


    Are there any Sonex/Waiex builders out there?
  12. Hi Im also looking at buiding a Kitfox Super Sport Has any one got any comments or info?
  13. Is anyone out there building a Kitfox? I would live to talk to someone about the kit etc
  14. Jeffsy


    Would love to have a fly of a eurofax Ive about 360 hours total with about 15 in ultralights mainly the gazelle
  15. Yes Ian it was me great to see that you are going to become a member of the Ballarat aeroclub
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