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  1. An interesting issue for those who know Rotax's for the last few hours of flying, the 912ULS has developed a niggling vibration, this vibration shows up when moving from full power to max power in the take off roll, usually at about 3/4 throttle, once at full power, its ok. in cruise at 5100 rpm it is very slight, 5200 RPM is smooth as should be, just noticeable vibration. at 4700 rpm, its as smooth as a rotax should be, between 4700 and 5100 rpm, the vibration is very noticeable.. to try to fix this, i have done the following.. Balanced carbies, balanced the prop, checked prop
  2. Youtube channels i watch regularly, are Flightchops, Stevo1Kenevo, Backcountrypilots, FlyDigital (based in Melb), Captain Joe, BAA Training, Balleka, Dnhug, Greg Swingle (ohio bush planes), The Cardinal Pilot, and my own just started channel, The City Bush Pilots. and the usual Avweb, EAA, NASA, CASA, that sort of stuff, many hours of great regular aviation viewing.
  3. sadly i cant edit my post anymore, ill try again here, but uploading the pics instead of linking to them.
  4. My colour scheme Some other ideas i was playing with finished Product
  5. Its been a very long time since i flew a Sapphire, but very light on the controls, and also extremely light in pitch, but can get used to it, also very slippery, pull back the power and you wont be slowing down in a hurry. so you have to plan your approaches.
  6. we used bathroom scales, but calibrated them with known weights before use. so were only out by 2 kg, which was then factored into calculations.
  7. most recent reweigh, a few months ago, after removing steam gauges, to replace them with Ipads and AHRS units, removing firesleeve fuel lines for braided steel fireproof lines, replacing a lot of fuel line fittings with aluminium alloy, and repainting. we only have 3 tanks, not the usual 4. and including the weight of the slick bushwheels. final weight empty = 285Kg.
  8. i have seen wide body airliners that have flown for unknown hours with damage as bad as cracked spars, and critical primary structural components corroded to a point they no longer exist.. you get badly maintained aircraft at all levels, just as you get exquisitely maintained as well
  9. its sad, but i cant help but laugh at the stupidity of taking photos from an aircraft and selling them, being controlled by CASA.... what has CASA got to do with what happens to a photo and who took it? its not an aviation activity, its casa meddling in external business outside of aviation, as a passenger on an airliner, i can take a photo, sell it no problem.. if im the pilot, oh, big NO, unless CASA says so.
  10. bringing up an ld thread, just changed my tyres to some tundra type, it appears the tyre diameter has a significant impact on the brakes, now with larger tyres, more rotational force, harder work for the brakes.. so, now time to upgrade the stock brakes.
  11. if there is very little temp difference across the cooler, it sounds like there is little to no airflow to cool it, a rotax installation, which i have, has the oil cooler mounted behind the water cooler, or just in front of the lower cowling exit, the lip of the exit creates a low pressure area, and with aiflow coming in through the inlets and radiator, being higher pressure, then the low pressure are draws air through the oil cooler, mounted here its very efficient, in Australian summer, on days approaching or 40 deg C, the temps might rise above normal on a long climb. almost all year
  12. if it doesnt involve dirt, the government of Australia simply doesnt give a shit.
  13. have the same tyre combo on my aircraft
  14. could have been a few reasons, wrong weights entered into the FMC, wrong weights given for freight, Flight planning gave incorrect numbers, sudden gusting headwind? wont be the last, Emirates had an issue at Melbourne, but resulted in a tailstrike from over rotation.
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