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  1. Ok so called rotax spoke with Gary. The clearence i have is about 2mm on the right side of the cowl. Gary said that should not be a problem. I have just run the engine today with the spinner on with no problems. But boy talk about fine tolerances
  2. I called bolly they directed me to aerokits which dont have any.
  3. Hi guys im at a road block with my brand new Bolly prop, does anyone know of a extension that can be bolted onto a rotax 912 uls prop thrust plate to extend out another inch or so, so i can have adequate clearance of the spinner backing plate of my new Bolly prop and spinner.
  4. Cool alright. I have just bought a new bolly and awaiting arrival.
  5. where is the brake fluid reservoir for the toe brakes?
  6. Hi guys can i adjust (tilt forward) the rudder pedals on my vg for more comfort with my L1 or is it part of the flight controls. Left for an L2?
  7. Yeah know him. Ill bet him know the dingo is still lost
  8. Hi guys. I have a 19 reg savannah vg and want to make a inspection flap on a hinge to open and check my oil. How and or where so i start. I know i have to cut out a hole. Probability sounds silly but yeah. Anyone that has done this how do i go about it. Where do i get the fastners from how do i make a seat for it to sit on? Regards
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