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    I had ambitions of getting this plane it airborne but due to changed personal circumstances it now needs to find a new home. Has been stored indoors for years and should only require a relatively small amount of work to get it fully functional again - everything was working when placed into storage. Has had some or all of the skins replaced at some point, old skins included as evidence. Engine ran well when tested prior to being stored Comes with logbook and is presently stored in Perth. I am in Albany so cannot immediately quote any info from the log book. Similarly I can't remember the model/size of the engine or the propeller but both worked well prior to storage. If my memory is correct the L/H vertical undercarriage tube is slightly bent due to heavy landing by a previous owner (documented in the log book) - should be an easy fix. Unfortunately, I haven't had the pleasure of actually flying this machine myself so it is with some reluctance I offer it for sale. Hopefully my loss will be your gain and will see this old bird get some wind under it's wings again. Presently not registered.


    Perth, Western Australia - AU

  2. Hi Earthbreather, Just wondering how you went with that old 2 stroke engine ?
    1. Eatherbreather


      Only 2+ years late! I still have it and still intend to re-visit it replacing gaskets etc. Presently it need new reed valves for the carby too. 
  3. Oh! I was going direct drive - any suggestions what size might be ok? The prospect of carving my own horrifies me, I need something "off the shelf". Doesn't have to be awesome, just safe and permit the engine to run.
  4. G'day all! Thanks for the info! Yes mine has cast iron cylinders (with steel liners?) and a Tillotson carby. Some time back I kitted the carby with genuine parts still being made (in Ireland now). It also had the disgusting (useless) Victa twin ignition that I have removed including the fin-less Victa flywheel. Previous attempts to get this engine running have failed to produce more than a few consecutive coughs - the compression felt pretty low as I recall. When the weather improves I hope to re-visit it to get it running. I have got new head gaskets to fit (Victa 160cc same bolt spacin
  5. There is a guy in Northam that can teach - I can get his number to you if you want or there's good old (sorry Jim!) Jim Cuthill in Victoria (Falconhawk flying school). I had excellent results with Jim. He's a great guy and I would have qualified if it not for a minor mishap that put his Thruster out of action for a bit : ( I haven't tried the Wagin guy yet. Wagin being so much closer to home obviously appeals to me.
  6. Ah yeah there not many of these types around unfortunately. Instructors are very few and far between too
  7. Will Owen 0429 098 032 Hi mate . Was given this name and number from the cfi at busselton . Starting a school i believe tho i think its flex wing . Cheers Troy
  8. Excellent! Fingers crossed they can teach three axis
  9. Hey all, Any word on the Wagin flying school? Will they be teaching three axis or trikes? My machine as pictured is ex Bindoon. Some of you may recognise it James.
  10. Woohoo! Look at them trophies! I have here his pulse jet starter and some engine mounts that appear to be for a "Dynajet" pulse jet. It is my understanding that he used to do night flying demos of pulse jet control line at the Perth Royal show. He certainly seem to have been a very keen and capable guy. A wee update for the Skylark twin - I fully re-kitted the carby a couple of days ago when the parts arrived from Tillotson - in Ireland! They moved their operations there some years ago. They had no record of my particular model of carby but true to their word the kit they sent fitted perfec
  11. I see! If we're talking the same "Len" (and I suspect we are) then I have couple of things here that he used to own. I never had the pleasure of meeting him myself unfortunately. One of the items is a letter opener made from an old bit of streamline section flying wire? It has some numbers stamped around the threaded end (metric M5) but I have no idea what they mean or what aircraft this came off. I made a brass handle for it and use it every day I can fire off some pics to you of what I have if you like. Is there some way of sending private messages om here or do I need an email address?
  12. Woohoo! Shelley beach! Just up the road from me! - Just checked out your hang gliding pics : )
  13. It ran ok - I wouldn't say great but as you probably know Cox problems are often solved with more nitromethane in the fuel. I should re-visit it sometime and give it a damn good thrashing with some different fuels and maybe try different glow heads. It seemed to favour one cylinder more than the other as I recall (the one that's offset slightly to the rear closer to the intake?). I think this condition may also be because the rotating innards of the engine tends to pump the incoming fuel air mix towards one cylinder more than the other. It's because of this I am considering retaining the c
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