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  1. That's detail that Mr and Mrs Average sitting at home watching their pre-packaged 30 min news broadcast shaking their heads about "the foolhardiness of flying in a 'homemade' aircraft" are simply never going to hear about. Light aircraft already have such a chequered history for the masses many people they consider it a highly dangerous activity you'd have to be very brave to undertake. But a 'homemade' one, geez you'd have to have rocks in your head! And that folks is yet another tiny example of the misinformation and fallaciousness our world is consumed by. Headline stories are a dime a
  2. Unfortunately it does (but pure speculation of course). These sorts of accidents are a timely reminder that a stall on approach is but a few moments of inattention to airspeed during manoeuvring. If it was the classic stall during turn onto base or final then many hundreds of similar accidents have happened across the globe. Updated report just now on the ABC News channel said the pilot was a member at Newcastle Aero Club. Very sorry for his family and friends.
  3. https://www.newcastleherald.com.au/story/6759416/man-dies-in-light-plane-crash-near-maitland-airport/?cs=7573
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