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  1. The operating manual for the Grob calls for an engine speed of 6,200 - 6,400 rpm would this still be a problem? I will look for a supply of Castrol 2t. I am in Richmond Virginia and I cannot obtain Castrol 2 stroke oil locally so I will have to order on line anyway.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I did read a test report from Pennzoil that indicated the "Pennzoil, 2 cycle, Air cooled oil with a category TC" is recommended for aircraft use. Eric
  3. Thanks for the input Geoff. I did find a reference from Pennzoil that explained why air cooled engines need a different oil than water cooled engines. However as you said oils have improved over the last 15 years. I look forward to additional input. Thanks Eric
  4. I have just purchased a Grob 103 c SL Motor Glider with a Rotax 505 engine and would like advice on the best 2 stroke oil to use. My 15 year old book indicates Castrol tts. Is this still the best oil?
  5. I have just purchased a motor glider with a rotax 505 engine. I am looking for advce on the best 2 stroke oil to use. The 15 year old book recommends Castrol tts. Is this still the best oil to use?
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